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CM Punk set to appear on SmackDown

CM Punk to have a confrontation with top WWE champion on SmackDown next week? Exploring the possibility

CM Punk is currently one of the hottest names in the pro wrestling industry. Due to his unfathomable craze and free agent status, WWE has announced Punk for next week's episode of SmackDown, emanating from Dunkin Donuts Center.

The Second City Saint could confront a top champion in WWE on the blue brand next week. The name in question is none other than the current United States Champion, Logan Paul.


While Punk is currently the most talked-about name in sports entertainment, Paul's social media presence and mainstream popularity are unparalleled. Therefore, a mere confrontation between the two controversial stars will likely set the internet on fire.

However, the possibility of it happening next week is comparatively low, as both are currently trading on their own paths. Logan Paul is set to face the winner of the eight-man tournament that will begin next week on SmackDown.

On the other hand, CM Punk has just returned to WWE and has yet to reveal many things. The prospect of him confronting The Maverick on SmackDown cannot be ruled out.


However, the Straight Edge Superstar might not cross paths with Logan Paul at this juncture. Whenever it happens, it is likely to bring a rumbling in the world of sports entertainment.

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Possible things CM Punk could do on SmackDown

The announcement of CM Punk returning to SmackDown after nearly a decade has opened the possibility of unimaginable things. Fans are on the edge of their seats to witness him on the blue brand.

The Straight Edge Superstar could simply appear on Friday Night SmackDown next week and deliver a promo much like he did on Monday Night RAW. This could be an ephemeral, passionate segment.

There is also a good possibility that the Second City Saint could cross paths with Paul Heyman. It could be a mere confrontation between Punk and Heyman, as the former implicitly expressed gratitude to The Wise Man on RAW.


A cold face-off between the two could also sow the seeds of a potential match between CM Punk and Roman Reigns. The 45-year-old could also share the ring with his old-time friend Randy Orton.

The two superstars waved at each other at Survivor Series but never got the opportunity to share an on-screen moment. Therefore, Orton could join Punk during his promo to have a wholesome segment.

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There are endless possibilities that could unfold on Friday Night SmackDown when CM Punk returns to the blue brand.

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