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WWE News: CM Punk got mentioned as Best in the World on RAW 

  • Shane McMahon won't be happy with that for sure!
Vatsal Rathod
Modified 25 Jun 2019, 18:00 IST

What's the Story?

Last night on the RAW after Stomping Grounds, a hilarious incident took place during the commercial break, when a kid referred to former WWE wrestler CM Punk as "The Best In The World" instead of Shane McMahon.


In case you did not know...

WWE has been trying a lot of new things recently with RAW to improve the show. One such major change has been the new rule of Vince McMahon, according to which there would be no wrestling during the commercial breaks.

The change has been visible since the last couple of weeks as many of the matches have had stipulations like elimination or 2-out-of-3 falls. WWE has often been criticized for going into commercials during the in-ring action, and this new move is a step in the right direction.

While the television audience does not see it, WWE has been experimenting with various segments during these commercials to engage the fans present in the arena. Many wrestlers have come out to cut promos during this time, and there have also been some other fun fan-engagement attempts.

The heart of the matter

Last night on RAW, during one of the commercial breaks, Sarah Schreiber went out in the WWE Universe to conduct a small trivia game for the WWE fans present in the arena. She went on to quiz a young fan about the nickname of wrestlers, asking her to tell the wrestlers whose nicknames these were.

In a very hilarious moment, when she asked her who goes by the "Best in the World", the innocent young fan mentioned the name of CM Punk, cracking everyone up.


After winning the WWE World Cup last year at Crown Jewel, Shane McMahon has been calling himself The Best In The World, but originally it was the Straight Edge Superstar, CM Punk, who used this nickname.

Many have suggested that WWE is referring to Shane as such on purpose to erase another CM Punk reference from the history books, but this little girl just reminded them that CM Punk was and will always be the Best in the World.

What's next?

The current buzz on the internet is that CM Punk might show up at AEW's All Out, which is scheduled to take place in his hometown of Chicago on August 31. While Punk has openly denied the same, the fans are still hoping to see him make a return to the world of pro-wrestling.

On the other hand, WWE should be appreciated to take the step of no wrestling during commercials. Let's hope WWE continues to take such good decisions to improve the product.

Published 25 Jun 2019, 18:00 IST