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WWE RAW: Cody Rhodes was not at a 100% in his Night of Champions match against Brock Lesnar

Cody Rhodes out of action with an injury? 3 things that may happen on WWE RAW tonight

Despite an injury, Cody Rhodes entered a war against Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions this weekend. However, fans should not be worried about the state of The American Nightmare.

Before Night of Champions, The Beast Incarnate launched a backstage attack against Cody Rhodes. During the action, the former targeted the latter's arm. Later in the night, Cody was seen with an arm cast and was even advised to miss the Saudi Arabia show, but he did not listen. Despite his will and determination, it was not enough to slay The Beast.

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For those wondering, Cody Rhodes' arm is not injured, and it's purely for storyline only. With this, let's explore three possible things The American Nightmare could do on the May 29, 2023, episode.


#3. Cody Rhodes could challenge Brock Lesnar one more time


The Stamford-based promotion is known to prolong feuds until it reaches its trilogy. It's also something that The American Nightmare has entered in the past. During his feud with Seth Rollins last year, he faced The Visionary on WrestleMania 39, WrestleMania Backlash, and Hell in a Cell. From the looks of it, a third bout is not the most impossible.

For the upcoming WWE RAW episode, Cody could address the crowd about what happened at Night of Champions. He could reason out that Lesnar got off easy since Cody was "injured." Rhodes could issue a challenge for the upcoming Money in the Bank premium live event to settle the score.

#2. Enter the Money in the Bank qualifying match on WWE RAW


Who should be in the #MITB qualifying matches? Tag your picks below!

One of the exciting moments fans are waiting for on the upcoming WWE RAW episode is the qualifying matches for Money in the Bank. No participants have been announced for now, and The American Nightmare could use this to move on from his feud.


It's possible that Cody Rhodes could enter one of the matches and go on to the most-awaited ladder match. A win in The O2 Arena could put a bigger target on his back and welcome new feuds. On the other hand, a potential win of the MITB contract could also renew an unfinished feud with Seth Rollins.

#1. Cody Rhodes announce a brief time-out from WWE


Although The American Nightmare is not injured, it's possible that the Stamford-based promotion could continue this angle. This means that even if the 37-year-old is not out of action, he might be out for an episode or two.

Dave Meltzer even reported this possibility on a previous edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Cody's absence could further sell his "injury" and paint him up to be a superhero. Once he's all healed, he could finally challenge Brock once again or maybe another superstar.

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