Cody Rhodes says 7-time WWE World Champion became God to him after Royal Rumble 2008

Rhodes revealed that he stiffed the hell out of him during the match! #WWE

Karan Bedi
Modified 26 Jan 2020, 10:46 IST

Rhodes said he was impressed by the man's generosity (Pic source: WWE)

Cody Rhodes sat down for an interview with Inside The Ropes and spoke about his first Royal Rumble match in 2008. He said that the person who surprised him the most was The Undertaker as he was very 'giving' during the match and after that, Taker became God to him.


This was Rhodes' first Royal Rumble match and included the likes of Shawn Michaels, Batista, CM Punk, Triple H, and The Undertaker. Of The Deadman, he said that he hit him in the back of the head and also that he took a bump for Cody. He said: (H/T Fightful Wrestling)

"I feel the camera on me and I can see myself on the screen. I see Undertaker in the corner. I thought....f**k it. I'm gonna do it. I go over and I hit this man as hard as I've hit anyone in the back of the head. I felt him stop. [He does the slow head turn]. I'm the bad guy now. I'm [backing away]. All of a sudden he goozles me. I think I'm going up. He says, 'kick me in the knee.' I kick him in the knee, he lets his hand go. And he goes, 'dropkick me.' I jump up, dropkick him, HE TAKES A BUMP! You can see...I didn't know what to do. The goal is to get the guy out of the match, but I'm not gonna pick him up. So I just go over to the corner and start fake punching somebody. But man, after that, Taker was God to me. Everything about this guy is about giving back. He absolutely did not need to do that. Plus, I stiffed the hell out of him. I love The Undertaker."

Cody Rhodes' story is similar to the ones told by other WWE Superstars who have shared the ring with The Undertaker. The Deadman's legend continues to grow in the WWE.

Published 26 Jan 2020, 10:46 IST