Current Impact Wrestling and former WWE Superstar calls Chris Jericho a "wanna be tough guy"

The former WWE Superstar called out the AEW Champion, and laid out a challenge.

Nishant Jayaram
Modified 18 Jan 2020, 08:21 IST

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho is the face of AEW, the current AEW World Champion and the leader of the most notorious faction in the promotion. The former WWE Superstar is still regarded as one of the best storytellers in the ring, even at the age of 49.


One current Impact Wrestling Superstar who feels that Jericho is a "wanna be tough guy" is Ken Shamrock, who wrestled Jericho when both of them were in WWE, some 20 odd years ago.

On Twitter, a fan said that he would love to see Shamrock and Jericho in the ring together, and alluded to a match in WWE between the two that never happened.

Shamrock warned Jericho and said that the AEW World Champion would not want to see him "in the pit" and that his "wanna be tuff guy act" would come to an end if the two faced off.

Shamrock then warned wrestlers from other brands that they shouldn't "talk smack" about him and that they should do so only if they want to step foot with him in the ring.

Shamrock joined Impact Wrestling once again last year after having returned to pro wrestling a year earlier, after over a decade away from the pro wrestling ring.

Published 18 Jan 2020, 08:21 IST