Daniel Bryan challenges The Fiend to a rare stipulation match at Royal Rumble 

Is this a wise decision by Bryan?

Greg Bush
Modified 18 Jan 2020, 07:31 IST

The GOAT has laid down the gauntlet for his bout with The Fiend

At the Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan will once again face The Fiend. After winning a Triple Threat match a few weeks back, he earned his spot as the rightful No.1 contender. Now, The Fiend has been in Bryan's head for months, leading to a change in Bryan's character. It seems that we will be getting a unique stipulation added to this grudge match.


The Planet's Champion was gone. The Leader of the Yes Movement was back but had a pretty nasty streak in him that resembled his time as ROH"s American Dragon. Unlike many who have been targeted by him, Bryan has begun to take the fight to the Universal Champion, sending him running on a few occasions.

Tonight was no different. The Fiend attempted to toy with Bryan's emotions, using his former tag team partner, the Big Red Machine, to draw him out. However, it seems that Team Hell No already planned for this.

Kane was used as a decoy to lure The Fiend out, allowing Bryan to catch him off guard with the Running Knee Plus and a series of stomps to the jaw. The Fiend would escape through the ring again, but not before Bryan took a few pieces of his hair.

Daniel Bryan lays down a rare stipulation for Royal Rumble

Following the attack, ,Bryan and Kane hugged in the middle of the ring. Backstage, Kane rushed off while Bryan was interviewed about his upcoming match for the Universal Championship.

Bryan said that The Fiend had indeed changed him, and he was tired of him running away every time they came to blows. At the Royal Rumble, though, there won't be anywhere to run, because the former WWE Champion challenged The Fiend to a Strap Match!

Considering the kind of monster that Bryan is dealing with, this may not be a smart decision on his part. However, he's confident that he can take it to The Fiend of he could keep him in striking distance.

Published 18 Jan 2020, 07:31 IST