Dominik Mysterio would look to settle his score with Rollins at Summerslam

Dominik Mysterio: A flash in the pan or the next Big Thing?

  • Dominik Mysterio will be making his in-ring debut against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.
  • The Mysterio-scion has been the biggest thorn on the side of The Monday Night Messiah.
Sanjay Dutta
Modified 07 Aug 2020, 08:10 IST

Getting into a profession where one of your parents or any elder family member has excelled in is always a tough ask. Pro Wrestling has had its share of second and third-generation wrestlers. Some of them were able to carry their family's legacy with pride and even surpass those preceding them, while there have been some who shrunk without a trace. Being a second or third-generation wrestler is always going to be a double-edged sword. While one might get a big platform without much struggle, the constant scrutiny and never-ending comparison might be hard to take for an up and coming wrestler. In 2020 we are set to see another Superstar in the form of Dominik Mysterio, who will be trying to carry the legacy of his family.

WWE, essentially being a family-run business, has been home to many second/third generation wrestlers. Almost the entirety of The Anoa'i Family has been a part of the company during different periods. The most prominent one among them being The Rock, who not only carried his family legacy but also emerged as one of the most influential figures in the history of the business.


Cut back to 2020 and we have another third-generation wrestler making his in-ring debut in WWE. The son of the iconic Luchador, Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio will be facing off against The Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins, at SummerSlam in a few weeks. 

Dominik Mysterio's in-ring debut has been a topic of discussion within the wrestling circle for the past few years. Many believe that one of the driving forces behind Rey Mysterio's return to WWE in late 2018 was the belief that it will open the door for his son's in-ring career within the company.

Dominik is no stranger to the bright lights of WWE as he has previously been a part of numerous segments on WWE TV. 

Dominik started his wrestling training under the tutelage of ROH legend, Jay Lethal in 2018. He has been making sporadic appearances for the past few years. He accompanied his father to the ring and was a part of backstage segments during his feud against Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar. The Mysterio-scion was also a victim of a brutal attack at the hands of The Beast Incarnate during an episode of RAW. 

Over the past few months, Dominik Mysterio has been the biggest rival for Rollins. From interfering in the former Universal Champion's matches to getting the better off him and his disciples, Dominik Mysterio has surely been a thorn on the side of The Monday Night Messiah. This was evident on RAW this week as an irate Rollins was forced to accept Dominik Mysterio's challenge for a one-on-one match at SummerSlam after another assault.

It will be interesting to see how this feud plays out. Needless to say, Dominik must be under a lot of pressure as his debut will be one of the most high-profile matches at SummerSlam.


The youngster has to live up to the expectations of the WWE Universe and deliver a solid performance in his very first outing inside the squared circle. 

Rollins has firmly established himself as one of the best in-ring performers of the current generation and he will certainly get the best out of Dominik Mysterio during their match at SummerSlam. 

Given what we've seen off Dominik so far, he seems to have inherited the in-ring prowess of his father, Rey Mysterio. He comes across as a natural when it comes to the physical stuff. His confrontation with Rollins was one of the highest viewed clips from RAW this week. This indicates that fans are invested in this heated rivalry. 

While he has the in-ring chops, Dominik Mysterio's promo game is something, which needs to be worked upon.


His promos come across as heavily scripted. A WWE Superstar needs to have a level of confidence and conviction while delivering a promo and make his point in such a way that the viewer believes every word he/she is saying. Dominik Mysterio hasn't developed that quality as of yet.

It will be quite a task for the younger Mysterio to satisfy wrestling fans as he gets set to follow in the footsteps of his iconic father. The burden of expectations combined by the constant scrutiny is something Dominik Mysterio would have to make peace with.

Rather than crumbling under the burden of expectations, he would have to forge his path and silence those who believe that he is not just a flash in the pan and is here to stay. A great showing against Rollins would be the perfect kickstart for Dominik Mysterio's career and his performance during the match will decide whether or not he is here to stay. 

Published 07 Aug 2020, 08:10 IST