WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has discussed potentially facing Jinder Mahal once Mahal returns from injury

Drew McIntyre on a future feud with Jinder Mahal in WWE

  • Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were infamously members of the 3MB faction in WWE
  • Drew McIntyre has discussed a possible feud against Jinder Mahal in WWE
Owen Churchill
Modified 08 Aug 2020, 04:24 IST

Current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has expressed his desire to one day compete against Jinder Mahal inside of a WWE ring.

During an interview with ComicBook.com, Drew McIntyre was asked if the WWE Universe could expect to see the former 3MB stablemates face off for the WWE Championship in the future:

"Yep. 100%. The same things I said about Sheamus apply to Jinder also, I just want everything to be as real as possible for the fans to get invested. Even at first, they're not too sure about it or skeptical about it, that they find themselves getting invested in Jinder and I. He's one of my best friends in the world. We met when I moved back to Tampa when I was about 25 years old. We started hanging out for a couple of years before 3MB was even formed. We got closer during that period. He was there to support me during some difficult times in my personal life that we very much would involve in a storyline to take it to that next level."

Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal's friendship

Drew McIntyre would also go on to explain his close relationship with Jinder Mahal. Drew McIntyre revealed that The Modern Day Maharaja was a groomsman at his wedding and both WWE Superstars regularly train together in the gym:

"I'm very comfortable, my life's an open book that's been on the public display since I was 21. He (Jinder) was one of the groomsmen at my wedding and we're still training with each other to this day. I think he posted a picture from his gym the other day, actually, of how close we are. I think the environment we're in right now, like I mentioned, telling deeper stories and developing those characters and having more layers to our stories and characters, this would be the perfect environment to do it in. Sometimes when the arenas of fans are unsure with something initially they might crap all over it and they'll give it a chance, but in this environment they're kind of forced to listen to that story and I think people would truly get invested in a Jinder-McIntyre story."

Jinder Mahal returned to WWE during the April 27, 2020 edition of Monday Night RAW after being out of action for 10 months due to a knee injury suffered in 2019. However, less than a month later it was revealed that Jinder Mahal once again require surgery to fix complications in his previously injured knee.

While no timetable has been revealed for Mahal's return to WWE, many fans still hope to see Drew McIntyre go up against Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship in the future.

Published 08 Aug 2020, 04:24 IST