Eric Bischoff discussed why MJF is better than Triple H

Eric Bischoff praises AEW star and compares him to Triple H

  • "WWE is even worse", he said before name-dropping Triple H
  • Who do you think is the best heel in the wrestling business?
Shruti Sadbhav
Modified 07 Jun 2020, 06:40 IST

Former Executive Director of SmackDown Eric Bischoff recently hailed AEW star MJF as a meaningful heel in the recent edition of the 83 Weeks podcast. He further went on to compare MJF to Triple H and discussed why the latter was much better than the 'Hunter' when it came to a realistic portrayal of a heel.

Bischoff also claimed that any wrestling promotion needs a good heel to create a babyface. He stated that WWE is even 'worse' when it comes to booking a heel because they want babyface for more business. Hence, he used his comparison between Triple H and MJF to explain how the two performers had a completely different approach to their delivery when they were acting as a heel in any storyline.


Talking about MJF and the modern-day outlook towards a heel in the wrestling business, Bischoff said,

"This MJF dude, come on, I would've loved to work with that guy. He's so good. What he delivers on camera is magical as a heel, very few people are capable of pulling it off. He loves heat."

"We don't really have any heels [in today's wrestling]. People play the part of a heel, play the part of a babyface, but there's nobody out there that people really genuinely hate and want to see get their ass kicked. If you don't have a real viable meaningful heel, then you're never going to have a real viable meaningful babyface. You are going to have a neutral effect. One of the reasons I think is that people don't want to be hated. It goes against every instinct you have as a human being since the time you drew your first breath, to find ways to make people hate you and react negatively to you. WWE is even worse, WWE their entire revenue model for talent is on merchandise, and as a heel, you don't sell a lot of merchandise. Nobody fully invests in being a heel."

Bischoff then brought up Triple H and asked the listeners to take a look at the NXT Head's entire career. He stated that Triple H appeared to be the same character both as a babyface and as a heel unlike MJF, who would go above and beyond to gain heat from the viewers whenever he was supposed to be the bad guy.

"Go back and watch Triple H's matches and compare to when he was a babyface to a heel, there aren't any differences; he was the same character as a heel and a babyface. If you're going to be a heel, be a f***ing heel. Invest in it, enjoy it, live it. Learn to suck the life out of every moment so that the babyface you're in the ring with gets the benefit of it. That's why I am putting MJF over because he embraces his character."
"There's only one guy that I could pick out of a crowd that could be the next meaningful heel, and that's MJF. Everyone else has this thing where I can turn at any minute; you can't tell if I'm a babyface or a heel. It's so grey. Good guys, bad guys, baby faces, heels, it's all just one big fog and not enough of anybody else standing out from the fog." (h/t

Triple H and his current role in WWE

After a successful WWE career, Triple H assumed a role in the authority as he started managing the storylines. He was the brain behind NXT that has continued to deliver excellent matches and bonafide Superstars to the world of wrestling since its creation.


The Triple H led Black and Gold brand made its TV debut last year, and in the 2019 Survivor Series, NXT became a part of the brand wars for the first time in WWE history. Triple H also took pride in his product winning the war eventually, and since then, it has continued to entertain the fans worried.

Later tonight, NXT will be hosting Takeover: In your House PPV that has a stacked match card with three NT titles on the line. Triple H would once again hope that NXT will live up to the expectations and deliver a fantastic show.

Published 07 Jun 2020, 06:40 IST