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Seth Rollins is now a two-time United States Champion

How long was Seth Rollins' first United States Championship reign?

Seth Rollins shocked the world by becoming the new United States Champion by defeating an exhausted Bobby Lashley. However, it wasn't the first time he won the coveted title.

His first US title reign came back in 2015 after he defeated John Cena. If you're wondering how long that reign lasted, we've got the answer right here.


How long was Seth Rollins' first United States Championship reign?

He became champion on August 23 at SummerSlam 2015 and lost the title on September 20 at Night of Champions 2015. The total duration of the reign was 29 days. It is worth noting that during this tenure, he held the WWE Championship simultaneously. It is a feat only Seth Rollins has achieved so far.


Seth Rollins won both his United States Championships after interesting events

for the first time since 2015, Seth Rollins is the United States Champion and he won it in the SAME BUILDING

The former Shield member's first US title win is regarded as one of the most shocking WWE moments of the last decade. However, he didn't win a clean match to become champion.

While he represented The Authority as the top heel in the company, two of the strongest babyfaces, namely Sting and John Cena, feuded with him. During his match with John Cena, popular celebrity Jon Stewart interfered, shocking the audience.

He entered the match with a chair and fans expected him to hit Seth Rollins. However, he proceeded to hit John Cena, leading to the crowning of a new United States Champion.

The Visionary's second United States Championship win also took place as a heel. He was scheduled to wrestle champion Bobby Lashley on the October 10, 2022 edition of RAW. However, the match wasn't completely fair.

I am actually very happy that Seth Rollins won his second WWE United States Championship the dude proved that he is indeed this generations Shawn Michaels 🏼 I hope he has a lengthy US Title reign

Before the bout, the returning Brock Lesnar assaulted The All Mighty and caused considerable damage. The match appeared to be canceled, but Rollins manipulated Lashley to fight while exhausted. The Visionary quickly defeated him to become the new champion.

By becoming the new United States Champion, Rollins set a unique record. Click here to learn more about his rare accomplishment.

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