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  • How did Roman Reigns call out AEW on WWE RAW? Taking a closer look at the intense confrontation with Cody Rhodes
Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes had a fiery exchange on WWE RAW

How did Roman Reigns call out AEW on WWE RAW? Taking a closer look at the intense confrontation with Cody Rhodes

Making an emphatic return to WWE RAW, Roman Reigns resumed his mind games with Cody Rhodes. The Tribal Chief addressed the latter's history in the Stamford-based promotion as well as in All Elite Wrestling. It was one of the rare occasions where Tony Khan's company was referenced on WWE television.

The American Nightmare is known for his astounding resilience. From time to time, he has transcended major hurdles to be the megastar he is today. The former Intercontinental Champion has now earned a world title shot. However, Roman Reigns had his own take on the struggles of his WrestleMania challenger.


On the latest episode of WWE RAW, Reigns entered the Enterprise Center and demanded acknowledgment from the crowd. Soon, he was interrupted by Cody Rhodes, and the rivals engaged in a heated debate. The American Nightmare called himself "the problem" for The Bloodline but The Tribal Chief had a fitting comeback.

Roman Reigns stated that the problem is what Cody Rhodes represents. He mentioned Rhodes' failed run as Stardust, which led him to quit WWE and eventually start All Elite Wrestling. Eventually, Rhodes left AEW last year after being unable to “get over.” The Tribal Chief referred to AEW as the company Cody started.

"You didn't want to do the Stardust thing, so you ran away. You started a company that you couldn't get over in… and then you ran away. And then you came here," said Reigns.
Las referencias a AEW por parte de Roman Reigns hacia Cody Rhodes. Espectacular esta parte de la promo. #WWERaw

Cody Rhodes is the former Executive Vice President of AEW. He was an integral part of the Jacksonville-based promotion and was there for three years after its inception in 2019. In his final months in AEW, fans turned on Cody. The American Nightmare signed a contract with WWE last spring ahead of WrestleMania 38, where he returned to defeat Seth Rollins.


Cody Rhodes predicted the downfall of Roman Reigns on WWE RAW tonight

After Reigns delivered a scathing assessment of Rhodes' career, the latter mentioned that he established AEW to make things better for professional wrestlers worldwide.

The American Nightmare further stated that everyone would abandon The Bloodline, starting with Jey and Jimmy Uso, who were sent away by The Tribal Chief tonight on WWE RAW. He then went on to state that Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman will also leave The Tribal Chief's side, leaving the latter with nothing.

The American Nightmare came out on top after the segment on WWE RAW as he planted a kick on Solo Sikoa’s chin. Reigns halted the fight, and pulled away Sikoa, before exiting the ring.

"A Roman with no more Reigns, a Chief without a Tribe." - Cody Rhodes to Roman Reigns.

That was cold.

Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns have faced each other before but not in the capacity they are in today. The American Nightmare defeated The Shield alongside his brother Goldust in 2013. Since then, The American Nightmare has traveled a long way in the world of wrestling to be where he is today.

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