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Some iconic stables can be reunited if these superstars make a comeback

5 Superstars that can return to reunite iconic WWE Stables

WWE has seen a number of iconic stables leave their marks on the company.

The Attitude Era in particular saw D-Generation X, The Ministry of Darkness and The Nation of Domination run rampant. These "gang war" feuds between factions practically wrote themselves and created a vast number of possibilities.


However, stables have now become almost extinct. It may be due in part to WWE's apparent preference for individual superstars - something that has crippled the tag team divisions as well. The company wants to refine each of its superstars separately, making sure to always have “the face of WWE.”

This has completely overshadowed the need for groups, causing them to disband abruptly, heartbreakingly, or without any ceremony whatsoever. In other cases, some original members of an iconic stable leave WWE, which causes the company to struggle while looking for a replacement.

However, some reunions of iconic stables are still possible. All it requires is joint effort from the company and its superstars. In this list, we will take a look at five superstars who could return to reunite their iconic stables.


#5. Ted DiBiase Jr. - Legacy

Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton and Ted Dibiase Jr. - Legacy

Ted DiBiase Jr. is a two-time World Tag Team Champion along with Cody Rhodes. The son of The Million Dollar Man had a dream start to his career in 2008 but later faded into memory.

The rich gimmick during his "DiBiase Posse" storyline didn't work out, and neither did the feuds that stemmed from it. Mental health issues eventually caused him to forgo renewing his WWE contract in 2013.

DiBiase Jr. is still known for his part in the iconic stable Legacy. Randy Orton was the mentor of the heelish group which saw a quick rise due to Cody’s and Ted’s diligence.


The unstoppable trio crushed teams such as Cryme Tyme and Manu and Snuka. Even the McMahons weren’t spared, as Vince McMahon was hospitalized alongside his son-in-law Triple H. The Viper became WWE Champion and had memorable feuds with John Cena and DX.

The stable disbanded in 2010 after a feud between the three members. Orton blamed interference from Cody and DiBiase for the loss of his championship opportunity. The Viper defeated both in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 26, after which Cody and DiBiase turned on each other.

The two years of villainous dominance came to an abrupt end when Rhodes moved to SmackDown.

A legacy stronger than ever.

@CodyRhodes @RandyOrton #WWERaw

A small reunion did happen in April this year when Randy and Rhodes teamed up. However, the third spoke in the wheel wasn't present.

DiBiase is retired from wrestling since 2017. Moreover, he is in deep waters for misusing federal funds. From an optimistic viewpoint, DiBiase Jr. could come out of retirement and reunite the stable once his legal troubles are over.

#4. Paige - Absolution

Mandy Rose, Paige and Sonya Deville - Absolution

Paige's WWE contract recently expired on July 7th. The two-time Divas Champion was last seen in action at a house show in December 2017. During a multi-woman bout, she suffered a neck injury which sidelined her from wrestling and eventually forced her into retirement.


The Anti-Diva was part of a heelish group before her exit from the ring. The iconic stable, Absolution, included current NXT Champion Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.

The trio made a name for themselves by ambushing Asuka and Alexa Bliss during the Women’s Revolution, while also pulverizing Sasha Banks, Mickie James and Bayley in six-woman tag matches. Unfortunately, the Absolution stable was dissolved after Paige’s untimely injury.

The Anti-Diva could still make a comeback in WWE, although the company has advised against it. Rumors have swirled that they found it difficult to utilize her properly, yet “the door is always open for her”.

Paige played an excellent part in non-wrestling roles after her injury and could continue the same if she renewed her contract. In one scenario, The Anti-Diva could play a managerial role to Sonya Deville and Mandy, who returns to the main roster from NXT.

Although Mandy and Sonya would form a reunion as Fire and Desire with Paige as manager, technically they could still be the Absolution stable.


#3. Heath Slater - 3 MB

Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre - 3 MB

Heath Slater was released from WWE as part of Covid-19 budget cuts in April 2020. This marked an end to his 14-year tenure with the company. A former 24/7 Champion, Slater is fondly remembered for his time as leader of the iconic stable The 3 Man Band.


Brodus Clay became the first victim of the 3 MB when Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre ambushed The Funkasaurus during his match against Slater. The trio started strongly by racking up wins against Team Co-Bro and The Usos. However, WWE seemed more invested in The Shield and Team Hell No.

The 3-Man Band eventually declined to jobbers after numerous beatings by Brock Lesnar and the aforementioned two teams.

Renaming the stable Union Jacks, Fabulous3Birds and The Rockers didn’t help either. Following a continuous barrage of losses that ended thanks to Los Matadores, WWE decided it had had enough of two superstars in The 3 MB. Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were released in 2014, thus ending the iconic trio.

Making The Band: #3MB

Learn about their first hit on #TableFor3, streaming now on @WWENetwork! @HeathSlaterOMRB @DMcIntyreWWE @JinderMahal

However, there are still chances of a reunion. Drew McIntyre is in red hot form while Jinder has enjoyed his own share of glory. Heath can continue showing his potential in independent circuits and Impact Wrestling to earn a WWE contract.

Slater had previously received an offer, but refused because the company offered him half the pay he had previously gotten. If both can come to a resolution, The 3 MB could make a comeback and be remembered for the better.

#2. Batista - Evolution

Randy Orton, Ric Flair, Triple H and Batista - Evolution

Six-time world champion Batista had a significant decline since his return in 2014. He came out on the wrong side of the ‘“Yes Movement” before eventually succumbing to Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30.


The Animal then decided to take on Triple H in a No Holds Barred match at WrestleMania 35. Following another humiliating loss, Batista retired from WWE in 2018.

Batista was part of the iconic stable Evolution. It included heels such as Triple H, Randy Orton and Ric Flair in its glory days.

The formidable group dominated RAW for years, holding all the major titles on Monday night at one point. With more than 40 world title reigns among its members, Evolution has defeated the likes of The Rock ‘n’ Sock Connection and was even behind the implosion of The Shield.


The group did not have a nice ending to most of their reunions, however. The Shield ripped them apart in a No Holds Barred match at Payback in 2014. In 2018, Batista turned on Triple H. In 2020, Ric Flair joined the team by turning heel on Christian but was betrayed by Orton to again turn face.

WWE should give a proper farewell to one of the best stables in its entire history. Batista and Triple H can come out of retirement, forget the bad blood of the past, and reunite with Randy Orton. Evolution could then feud with the likes of The Judgment Day.

It is quite difficult for such a scenario to come true, however. Batista is engrossed in Hollywood and has given up on wrestling. Triple H has made up his mind not to compete due to health scares. Randy Orton needs spine surgery, of which updates are ominous. Nevertheless, we can remain positive that the three may reunite in the future.


#1. Dean Ambrose - The Shield (iconic stable of PG WWE)

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins - The Shield

Jonathan David Good, known in WWE as Dean Ambrose, left the company in April 2019. The decision was a result of multiple grievances, not least of which was an absurd promo that was pitched by Vince McMahon. The former WWE Champion is now performing in AEW under his original ring name Jon Moxley.


The Lunatic Fringe was renowned for his never-give-up, maniac-like antics. His fight in 2017 with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns gave him both gold and glory. However, all three made a bang in WWE as members of their iconic stable The Shield.

Back in 2013, the trio started as mercenaries hired by Paul Heyman to aid then-WWE Champion CM Punk. The Shield ambushed the likes of Ryback, John Cena and even The Rock. The communication and coordination of the trio were unparalleled as they bashed and pulverized opponents with their combo of finishers.

Their legendary entrance from the crowd, the epic entrance theme, and the Triple Powerbomb through a multitude of tables are memories that still live on in the hearts of fans.

Four years ago today, @WWERollins turned on his Shield brothers @TheDeanAmbrose and @WWERomanReigns, and @WWE was NEVER THE SAME!

After Seth Rollins turned heel on the group, The Shield did reunite on multiple occasions. Fans would love to see them back in action for a longer duration. However, it is now highly unlikely due to Ambrose’s absence in WWE. The man now known as Jon Moxley would need to settle his differences with the company.

The Shield could be back to action in a number of ways. In one scenario, The Bloodline could betray Roman Reigns and cause him to lose the title. Both Seth Rollins and a returning Dean Ambrose could aid their former brother against The Usos.

With all three members of the Shield devoid of individual glory, WWE could then mark a glorious return of The Hounds of Justice.

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