IMPACT Wrestling Results (August 4th, 2020): Winners, Grades, and Video Highlights

  • IMPACT Wrestling featured two championship bouts and a shocking retirement announcement!
  • Both Moose and Eddie Edwards put their titles on the line, and Rich Swann had a difficult announcement to make.
Greg Bush
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IMPACT Wrestling focused a lot on Wrestle House tonight, but if you're here for the in-ring action, don't worry. Two championship bouts and an incredible tag team match will keep you entertained. Not to mention another showdown between The North and the Motor City Machine Guns!


Eddie Edwards defended the IMPACT World Championship against one of the most violent wrestlers on the roster. (Sorry, it's a surprise, keep reading. I don't make the rules.) Rich Swann also had a big announcement to make regarding his future in IMPACT Wrestling. After Eric Young re-injured his ankle at IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary, we've got a bad feeling about this.

We opened the night with an all-important match for top free agent Heath, who was facing Moose for the TNA World Championship and an IMPACT Wrestling contract.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Heath vs Moose (c) to open IMPACT Wrestling

Moose kicks off IMPACT with Heath!

Heath opened up by sending the champion to the floor with a massive clothesline. The former WWE Tag Team Champion took the fight to Moose, chasing him outside and bouncing him off the barricade.

Moose tried to put the challenger inside, but Heath launched him off the apron with a running dropkick. He was like a One Man... Army, lighting up Moose with big strikes around the ringside area.


Back inside, though, Moose was able to drop Heath throat first over the ropes with a stun gun, knocking the oxygen out of his opponent. The premier athlete of IMPACT followed up on the focus to the throat with a decavitator on the bottom ropes.

Heath attempted to build up steam with a few rights, but a picture-perfect standing dropkick saw Moose leave another footprint on Heath, much like Tommy Dreamer at Slammiversary.

Moose went for a big boot, but it was blocked. Heath finally woke up, and rocked the big man with a series of running forearms. A running knee and jumping side kick laid out Moose for a near fall! Heath nearly earned his IMPACT deal right there!


Heath rolled up Moose with a schoolboy, but couldn't get the win. Avoiding a corner spear, Heath sent Moose into the corner...sadly, that was where the referee unfortunately found himself. Moose crushed the ref accidentally before getting hit with Heath's Wake-Up Call. 1-2-3! Heath WOULD HAVE won, if the referee wasn't out.

Heath woke up the ref before trying to go for another move. Unfortunately, after having Moose beat in the middle of the ring, a low blow took out the challenger.


Results: Moose defeated Heath via pinfall on IMPACT Wrestling

Grade: B+

Heath put on a pretty great fight, even giving Moose his toughest fight yet. One has to think that, any other night, Heath would be walking away with the TNA World Championship.

Willie Mack was interviewed by Gia Miller backstage. Rich Swann had a big announcement for IMPACT Wrestling tonight, and Mack wasn't sure of what his best friend had in store. After what Eric Young did to him, many are wondering if he'll be out of action again.

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Published 05 Aug 2020, 07:51 IST