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Jey Uso to make surprise return on SmackDown with major plan in motion? Exploring the possibility

On the latest edition of RAW, Jey Uso suffered a defeat in his World Heavyweight Championship match against Seth Rollins. Naturally, this ought to be a massive setback for the former Bloodline member, who missed his second opportunity at singles gold after losing to Roman Reigns at SummerSlam earlier.

After this loss to The Visionary, many wonder what's next for Jey Uso. While there is a potential rivalry against Drew McIntyre in the works, he can also be involved in an interesting angle on SmackDown. On the upcoming episode of the blue brand, CM Punk is scheduled to make an appearance.


WWE could use this appearance to book an angle in which The Bloodline comes out to confront Punk. Given the 45-year-old will be alone against Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa if this happens, the promotion could book Jey to appear on SmackDown and help Punk ward off any attack.

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While the suggested angle is speculative, it works well because this could be the beginning of a feud between Jey and Jimmy Uso leading up to WrestleMania 40. Also, if the Stamford-based promotion books this angle, Jey Uso could work on reuniting CM Punk with Paul Heyman.


Jey Uso recently claimed he has unfinished business with a Bloodline member


At SummerSlam 2023, Jey Uso faced Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. While many expected Reigns to dominate Jey, the latter proved his doubters wrong by putting up a brilliant performance. At one instance, he was also close to beating Reigns and ending his dominant reign.

However, an interference and betrayal by Jimmy Uso led to Jey losing the match. Since then, the relationship between the two brothers has been bitter. During his recent appearance on WWE's The Bump, Jey said he has unfinished business with Jimmy. The former Bloodline member said:

"Even like traveling alone, it is hard because I feel somewhat empty. Even like you said, I'm at the highest point, and I do want my brother to be there. Like I wish we was all good. Like, I want him to be on the other side hitting it (his chant) with me. But man, things happen, families fight, Uce. We are going to love each other at the end, though. Jimmy going to get this work. You've got an a** whooping coming to you, Uce. Trust me."

Many believe at WrestleMania 40, the WWE Universe will get to witness a match between the two brothers. If that's true, it will be interesting to see how the promotion builds the feud leading up to the grand event.

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