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John Morrison reveals the real reason why he left WWE

There have been so many theories and rumors but now, we have the truth!

Published Dec 12, 2019

John Morrison

John Morrison has signed a deal with WWE and will be making his return soon. However, earlier today, he made an appearance on WWE The Bump hosted by Kayla Braxton.

Morrison left WWE in 2011 and began working in the independent circuit under his real name, Hennigan. However, he often used his WWE name as well and the former Intercontinental champion revealed that his initial plan was to take a year's break and go do movies.

Talking on the WWE The Bump's latest show, Morrison said:

When I left in 2011, I meant to take like a year off, you know? I wanted to take a year off, I wanted to make some movies and do my own thing for a little bit and that year turned into eight years. It’s crazy how fast the time flew and part of it was because i had a lot of fun wrestling for these other places… [H/T WrestleZone]

There is no information on when he will be making his in-ring return and that's been off-putting for the WWE Universe. The pop will be huge when he does make his return but the initial wait is proving to be quite boring.

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