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John Morrison wants a first-time-ever match against a 2-time Intercontinental Champion

Now, this is a proper dream match that just needs to happen!

Lennard Surrao
Published Dec 12, 2019

John Morrison.

The latest episode of The Bump was all about the returning John Morrison.

The 40-year-old veteran spoke about a host of topics, ranging from his absence from the company for 8 years to the mouth-watering matches that await him once he makes his in-ring return.

During the Game Recognizes Game segment of the show, Kayla Braxton asked Morrison about his thoughts regarding many current WWE Superstars.

Finn Balor's name was brought up as part of the discussion and Morrison joked about the Irishman's accent before saying that he is a big fan of the 2-time Intercontinental Champion.

Morrison added that he'd never faced Balor before in his career and he would certainly want to do that if the opportunity arises.

"First of all, who doesn't like talking in an Irish accent? Finn Balor...Finn Balor and John Morrison (talks in an Irish accent)! My accent is a little fishy, sometimes it goes from Irish to Scottish, back-and-forth, he's like a Liam Neeson...umm...talking guy (laughs). But seriously, specifically. The accent is just so overwhelming!
"I've been a fan of his for a long time, he's like ridiculously talented, the stuff that he's done as the Demon and now just on NXT as Finn, and I've never had the chance to share the ring with him. That'd be a really cool thing for me to happen."

After a topsy-turvy main roster run, Finn Balor is back in his element as a heel in NXT and The Demon King is expected to be a major part of the Yellow brand in the time to come.

Morrison would have to make a trip to Full Sail if he intends on sharing the ring with Balor. 

Balor vs. Morrison is a dream match that many fans would pay top dollar to witness. Let's hope WWE makes it happen soon.

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