Keith Lee is your new NXT Champion

Keith Lee ends Adam Cole's historic NXT Championship reign

  • Keith Lee ended this week's NXT with his hands on two titles.
  • Adam Cole could not defend his NXT Championship against the Moment Maker.
Shruti Sadbhav
Modified 09 Jul 2020, 13:04 IST

The main event of this week's NXT saw WWE Superstar Keith Lee making history as he is now both the NXT Champion and the North American Champion. Both Adam Cole and Keith Lee put their respective titles ob the line and squared off in a winner takes all match.

The match started with Keith Lee hitting Cole with a well-executed Bicycle kick. Adam Cole tried to get Keith Lee tired with his antics and was seen moving around the ring, only to roll back in just when the referee was about to complete the ten count.


Both Superstars then went on to try their signature moves and truly gave their all in the battle. Towards the end of the match, Adam Cole delivered three superkicks that allowed the leader of the Undisputed Era to go for a nearfall once again.

A frustrated Cole then attacked Keith Lee once again, but instead of capitalising, he sat down and waited for his opponent to get back up. When Keith Lee finally got back on his feet, Adam Cole leapt with an intention to hit him with another Panama Sunrise.

But by now, Keith Lee had already discovered what he had to do in order to get his hands on both the titles. He caught Adam Cole in between of the latter's move and delivered a fantastic spirit bomb. He would then hit the Big Bang Catastrophe to seali the match as he pinned Adam Cole in the middle of the ring to win both the NXT Championship and the North American Championship.

What's next for Keith Lee and Adam Cole in NXT?

Both Keith Lee and Adam Cole worked extremely hard to win the Winners Takes All match but the Moment Maker ended up coming out on top. Even though the result of this match was already known to a lot of WWE fans, they were curious to see how the things actually turned out in the Black and Gold brand, and they were not disappointed.

Keith Lee is now expected to have a dominant title reign on NXT, and he will most likely feud against the biggest Superstars to defend both his titles. As for Adam cole, his historic title reign as the NXT Champion has now ended, but he will look to get another shot at the title.

It will be interesting to see if WWE will allow Cole to after his championship or once again. Needless to say, this loss for Cole means that no member of the Undisputed Era member is a champion anymore and they could be headed towards the main roster.

Published 09 Jul 2020, 09:23 IST