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  • "He basically squashed me" - Mick Foley disliked his two-minute WWE RAW match
2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Mick Foley

"He basically squashed me" - Mick Foley disliked his two-minute WWE RAW match

Mick Foley has given his take on the time he was booked to make Umaga look strong six days before a high-stakes WWE event.

Foley challenged for John Cena’s WWE Championship in a five-pack challenge match at Vengeance 2007. On the final episode of RAW before the pay-per-view, he was overpowered by Umaga in a two-minute match that ended in a no contest.


On his “Foley Is Pod” podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer questioned the logic behind his booking that day:

“The one thing in the course of the booking, the week before [Vengeance] I had a match with Umaga where he basically squashed me,” Foley said. “I’m not somebody who cares that much about wins and losses, as long as they make sense. That one did not seem to make sense a week before the pay-per-view.”
Who'd he ever beat??

@RealMickFoley may have taken second billing to the Dalai Lama, but he found himself in a PPV main event the next night against 4 superstar wrestlers!

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To make matters worse, Umaga’s dominant showing against Foley did not result in the Samoan winning his match at Vengeance. Instead, he lost against to then-Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella via disqualification in two minutes and 34 seconds.


Mick Foley thinks he should have been presented as a threat

A Night of Champions, the return of a legend, a main event opportunity, and a real-life tragedy that rocked the wrestling world.

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The Vengeance main event featured Bobby Lashley, John Cena, King Booker, Mick Foley, and Randy Orton. Cena pinned Foley to retain the WWE Championship in a 10-minute match.

The Hardcore Legend understood why WWE wanted him to help build Umaga’s dominant character. However, he thought the timing could have been better:

“I think if anything the fans should have been given the idea, ‘Hey, this guy’s been out of it. He’s a danger at any time. He could win this thing,’” Foley continued. “I do understand building up Umaga and getting him a win, but I did not think that was the time to be doing it, especially with a guy going into a pay-per-view main event the next week.”

A day after Vengeance, Mick Foley was sent home by Vince McMahon after he raised concerns about the fake Mr. McMahon death storyline. As it turned out, the angle was abruptly nixed following Chris Benoit's real-life double-murder and suicide.

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