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MLW Wrestler and son of former WWE Superstar admits that Triple H used to change his diapers

Triple H was his first roommate! #WWE #AEW #MLW

Karan Bedi
Published Dec 15, 2019

Keepin' It Triple H...

Brian Pillman Jr was a guest on the Keepin' it 100 podcast to discuss his career, growing up in the business and his future. And when host Disco Inferno brought up the fact that Triple H was living in his (Pillman) family's house, Pillman Jr revealed how he was told by his mom that HHH used to change his diapers.

Who is Brian Pillman Jr?

Brian Pillman Jr is the son of former WWE Superstar and Legend Brian Pillman. Brian Pillman was also a member of The Hart Foundation alongside Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart and British Bulldog.

Pillman Jr is currently wrestling for Major League Wrestling (MLW), where he was part of the New Hart Foundation alongside Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Pillman Jr has also appeared in AEW, having competed in the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing.


How is Brian Pillman Jr connected to Triple H?

It was Disco Inferno who brought up the connection between Pillman Jr and Triple H in the conversation, revealing that the two used to be roommates. The host said that this was in 1995, when HHH was sitting on a no-compete clause between WCW and WWE.

Disco also said that Triple H was living in Brian Pillman's house. Pillman Jr, while surprised with Disco's knowledge of the matter, seemingly confirmed it and said,

"Now that adds up to something. My mom always told me that he changed my diapers but I thought that was just her talking s**t."

Disco then said that he could actually confirm this to be a true story, and joked that a reunion should be on the cards in the future.

Most fans would undoubtedly find this story to be amusing, particularly since it goes some way towards throwing light on the lifestyles of professional wrestlers. Triple H has had a variety of stories told about him, but this is one bit of trivia that will definitely go into the record books.

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