10 most popular WWE superstars on Social Networking Sites

World Wrestling Entertainment is ever so often blamed for not being a credible sport, for obvious reasons. They dont deny it themselves either. Hence, theres no point in having that debate. Bolstering the argument is the fact that it has a massive fan base all around the world.This definitely makes for a glorious and alluring career wherein theres a lot of money and fame to be earned. Heres the list of 10 WWE superstars with extensive popularity on social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter:-


#10 Big Show

The 42-year old giant is still as desperate and thrilled to be doing what he has been doing for the better part of his career, that is, smashing the hell out of his opponents. An out-of-the-world physique is bound to earn rich dividends in this walk of life. Big Show is not a glamorous star, though – he has never been one; rather, commitment and diligence define him.

Despite 7 World Championships, Big Show has rarely been an astounding individual performer on the big stage. His 11 world tag team championships, nevertheless, truly justify his worth as a tag-team wrestler. A 4.9 million likes on facebook and 1.5 million followers on twitter, Big Show is the ninth most popular WWE superstar on social networks.

#9 Sin Cara


Sin Cara joined the WWE in 2011. Despite inspiring awe in the WWE universe, he hasn’t quite got going. His champiobnship column isn't off the mark yet, which is baffling for somebody of his callibre.

His short career as a WWE superstar has been characterized by a series of injuries and a few lackluster rivalries. His popularity, however, is immense - 4.9 likes on facebook page and 326K followers on twitter standing testimony to the fact.

#8 Kane


He may be the ‘Devil’s Favourite Demon’, but he sure is loved by the WWE Universe. A 12-time tag team champion, Kane was a nightmare for the adversaries, especially when teamed with The Undertaker to form the ‘Brothers Of Destruction’. Kane is also known for his record (the then) 11 eliminations in Royal Rumble 2001.

He has over 5 million likes on facebook and 241K followers on twitter.


#7 Shawn Michaels

‘The Heartbreak Kid’ , ‘The Showstopper’, ‘The Headliner’, ‘Mr.Hall Of Fame’, ‘ Mr. Wrestlemania’, etc., etc.- if ever there was a competition on most nicknames in the WWE, Shawn Michaels would win it hands down on most occasions. The ‘Diving Elbowdrop’ specialist is one of the biggest entertainers the WWE has had.

He’s one of the few superstars to have been equally successful in both singles and doubles competitions – having won 4 world championships and 5 world tag-team championships. With 2.38m followers on twitter and 6.098 likes on facebook, HBK is the sixth most popular WWE superstar on social networks.

#6 Triple H

‘The Game’, as he’s lovingly known, Triple H has been prolific, both as an outlaw and the audiences’ hero. Combining brute strength with a calculative approach, Triple H boasts of a dream pro-wrestling career. If sharing conflicts with the likes of Stone Cold, The Rock, HBK, Cena, and The Undertaker wasn’t enough, he married the Boss’ daughter, Stephanie McMahon.

What it also means is that sooner rather than later, he will top this list when he takes over Mr. McMahon’s stake in the company. Notwithstanding, Hunter the 13-time World Champ has been a great ambassador for sports entertainment industry, to say the least. 1.6m followers on twitter and 8.9m likes on his facebook page earn him the sixth rank on this list.

#5 The Undertaker

The Undertaker will undisputedly go down as the greatest legends in pro-wrestling, as and when he calls it quits. A streak of 21 wins at the Wrestlemania is no mean feat. The stunning silence at the Superdome after his defeat on the hands of the ‘Beast’ Brock Lesnar speaks volumes of his stature.


His tallness goes beyond the championships and material achievements. The Phenom is the scariest superstar to ever step foot in the ring. His facebook fan page has over 10.9m likes. The Undertaker doesn’t have a twitter handle, however.

#4 Randy Orton

The youngest World heavyweight Champion in WWE history, Randy Orton is the son of ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton, a pro-wrestler himself. His journey from being ‘The Legend Killer’ to ‘The Viper’ and ‘The Apex Predator’ has been nothing short of spectacular.

The 12-time World Champion has got the hang of the most extraordinary moves like the RKO, Punt Kick, Rope-Hung DDT, Dropkick, and many others. He has 3.46m followers on twitter, coupled with 7.6m likes on facebook.

#3 Rey Mysterio

The Biggest Little Man in the WWE is, beyond question, one of the more underrated performers. Hes been associated with the WWE for about 12 years, since its inception in 2002. In spite of that, Mysterio has won just 3 world championships. Thus, the company has never conceived him as the face of the company. The fans havent been too grateful to him either, booing him of late for a reason, hard to comprehend.

His allegiance, however, has continued to be exemplary. With 11.76 million likes on facebook and 1.56 million followers on twitter, this high-flying superstar stands third in this list.

#2 John Cena

The most controversial and polarizing superstar in WWE history, John Cena, tops the list of millionaires in the current roster. The 14-time World champion has been the face of the company for over a decade now. Despite bragging of memorable rivalries with most future hall-of-famers in the current lot, his popularity levels have taken a serious dip in the last few years among a section of the WWE universe.


From the commercial point of view though, Cena continues to be WWE’s biggest charm. He attracts younger audience from all over the world and has his merchandise extensively sold. No wonder why he has 6.1m on twitter and 24.1m likes on facebook.

#1 The Rock

If WWE is as colossal a brand as it is today, one man deserves a lion’s share of credit among the superstars. Sans an iota of doubt, it has to be THE ROCK. The Rock’s got it all – a magnetic personality, endless catchphrases, 7 WWE championships, 27 released movies, and effectively, incredible mass following all over the world.

He’s ‘The People’s Champ’ for a reason, after all. Despite quitting professional wrestling back in 2004 to test his fortune in Hollywood, The Rock popularity is still as good as any in the WWE. If you don’t think that so is the case, then “it doesn’t matter what you think!!” With a 7.04m followers on twitter and 31.5m likes on facebook, The Rock is the most popular WWE superstar.

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