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  • 33-year-old WWE star reacts to CM Punk’s subtle shot at Kevin Owens, claims he's "on our side"
CM Punk and Kevin Owens came face to face on WWE SmackDown

33-year-old WWE star reacts to CM Punk’s subtle shot at Kevin Owens, claims he's "on our side"

CM Punk appeared on WWE SmackDown and got a great response from the fans. He cut a scathing promo, taking shots at multiple superstars. His subtle comments targeting Kevin Owens received a reaction from a top heel.

Punk’s first promo on RAW last week was lukewarm at best. He did not say much or fire any shots at his former employer or current WWE Superstars.


However, The Best in the World came out all guns blazing on Friday night. During his promo, he spoke about multiple stars in the company, including Paul Heyman, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, and Kevin Owens.

KO and Punk reportedly do have some heat, and The Best in the World targeted him by referencing a backstage spot where The Prizefighter punched Grayson Waller and Kevin Owens. Here’s what he said:

"I don't know who would feel comfortable working with somebody who randomly just punches people in the face backstage…" CM Punk said.

His comments earned a positive response from Grayson Waller, who is currently a top-heel character on SmackDown. The 33-year-old wrote that CM Punk was on their side about the spot.

"Finally, someone is on our side about this," Waller wrote.

Check out his tweet below:

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Fans saw a backstage face-off between CM Punk and Kevin Owens. That is one of the many dream matches fans will be waiting for during Punk’s current WWE stint. It will be great to see the two men take their differences to the ring.


The reason behind the heat between WWE's CM Punk and Kevin Owens

It’s no secret that CM Punk has his fair share of problems with many current and former WWE Superstars. Kevin Owens is one of the stars who supposedly isn’t on good terms with him.

The reason behind their differences was shared by Producer Joe Feeney. He spoke about the issues on an episode of the 'Keepin' it 100' podcast and revealed intricate details:

"Punk didn’t like Owens for the shape he was in and that Kevin would wrestle in a T-shirt. He kind of wanted him to wrestle in a singlet, and the word got back to Kevin. So he wrestled a match in a singlet. It was against Vordell Walker and the match wasn’t good according to Owens, and then he came back to the locker room and he said jokingly to Punk, ‘Are you happy now?’ or something, and Punk got in his face, but that’s really it.”
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The two men have likely grown past their differences after all these years. However, WWE could continue working on the angle to build a rivalry between them down the road.

Do you want to see CM Punk vs. Kevin Owens in WWE someday? Sound off in the comments section below.

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