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34-year-old WWE Superstar announces release from WWE

After not appearing on WWE TV for several months, Emma announced today that she has been released from the company.

The Australian star was re-signed in the fall of 2022, but after a brief run and after aligning with her real-life partner Riddick Moss, Emma disappeared from SmackDown.


She announced on her Twitter account a few minutes ago that just hours after the announcement that WWE was making the trip to Australia for Elimination Chamber, she had been released by the company.

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Emma herself tweeted that the WWE show from Perth was a dream but had to backtrack as she is now no longer part of the company.


This news comes after Emma bravely shared on her Instagram the struggles that she had faced with her skin and the way she had been able to overcome it. This post gained a lot of support from fellow superstars and fans overnight.

This is the third time the 34-year-old star has been released and could now return to her real name, Tenille Dashwood, and dominate the Independent Circuit once again.

Everyone at Sportskeeda would like to take this time to wish Emma the best of luck in her future endeavors.

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