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  • 35-year-old star announces baby arrival on Xavier Woods' livestream: "It's been like a month"
Xavier Woods has a popular YouTube channel called UpUpDownDown.

35-year-old star announces baby arrival on Xavier Woods' livestream: "It's been like a month"

A popular star announced the arrival of his baby boy during a livestream with Xavier Woods.

Tyler Breeze worked as an in-ring competitor in WWE for over a decade and was let go by the promotion in 2021. He has been appearing on Xavier Woods' UpUpDownDown YouTube channel for years now.


On the latest UpUpDownDown livestream, Tyler Breeze revealed that his wife had given birth to their first baby last month. He shared the big news in a unique manner by drinking from a coffee mug that read 'New Daddy.' "Yeah. It's been like a month," he stated when Woods asked him to spill the beans:

"He was great for my wife. He was very good and then all of a sudden it's my turn and he wakes up at 4:15 so he's hungry. So I feed him. He goes down, doesn't really sleep. I'm just watching him on the monitor just kind of like, not really cry, but he's awake and he's doing stuff and I'm like 'Just go to sleep, man, just go to sleep.' And then an hour later, now it's turned more into like 'I'm gonna cry every two seconds.'" [H/T: SEScoops]

Check out the entire stream below:


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Tyler Breeze on his friendship with Xavier Woods

Breeze was let go by WWE in mid-2021, along with several other notable stars. Shortly after, Breeze shared an appreciation post looking back at his friendship with Xavier Woods.

"Friend Appreciation Post. Can't say enough good things about this man. Austin is not only one of my best friends but also a damn great human," Breeze wrote. "One of the first people I met and wrestled when I was hired by WWE. We quickly became very close and essentially grew up together in WWE. Been through a ton of times good and bad together but always come out the other side better."

Breeze hasn't wrestled much since his WWE release in 2021. His last in-ring outing took place at Prestige The Respect Issue event in September where he lost a singles match to Mike Bailey.

The Sportskeeda Wrestling community congratulates Tyler Breeze on the arrival of his baby boy!

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