Adam Cole and Kevin Owens are now both large parts of WWE

Adam Cole admits being 'bitter' about Kevin Owens in WWE

  • Adam Cole has not been too happy with Kevin Owens in WWE
  • Adam Cole still credits Kevin Owens for his time outside WWE.
Modified 09 Jul 2020, 18:49 IST

Kevin Owens and Adam Cole have both made an impact during their time in WWE. However, long before they even came to the company, they were really good friends as they were working on the Independent wrestling scenes together. Kevin Owens and Adam Cole wrestled together in top promotions like the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla promotion, alongside other wrestling companies, and really found themselves as wrestlers while battling together. However, in WWE, they have not really been able to wrestle together too often.

During a recent interview with BT Sport (Wrestling Inc) earlier this week, Adam Cole talked about his relationship with Kevin Owens and their time together in WWE. In this situation, Adam Cole mentioned about how he was 'bitter' about the way he and Kevin Owens had worked together in WWE.


Adam Cole was 'bitter' about Kevin Owens in WWE

Adam Cole admitted that he was still bitter about the fact that the first time Kevin Owens and he wrestled together in WWE, it was against each other, with Owens showing up to team up against The Undisputed Era at War Games.

"Well, it broke my heart [at War Games] because everyone knows that me and Kevin Owens are good buddies. And I thought, of course, the first time that me and Kevin Owens are going to get to be together in WWE, of course we're going to be a team and of course we're going to fight side by side. And instead, he tries to show up to War Games to beat the crap out of me. So, I'm still a little bitter about Kevin Owens coming out and trying to ruin my fun."

Adam Cole went on to credit Kevin Owens for his time in the Independent Scene and said that before their time in WWE, Owens helped himself to find a good side of himself when they battled together.

"I'll briefly touch on this, but [Kevin Owens] played such a big part in me kind of taking off on the independents. Kevin was a guy that kind of took me under his wing in PWG, which later on helped me out in ROH. He was a big, big aspect to me kind of understanding that independent - or just, in general - style, and how to perform, and what to do, and what to say. He'll never, ever take credit for it because that's just the type of guy he is. But I always do credit him as someone who really did help me, and he's a great friend."
Published 09 Jul 2020, 18:49 IST