Sami Zayn had a good reason to miss months of WWE TV

AJ Styles reveals why Sami Zayn missed months of WWE TV

  • Sami Zayn had a very good reason to miss a few months of WWE TV.
  • AJ Styles has recently revealed something that Zayn was keeping a secret.
Phillipa Marie
Modified 27 Sep 2020, 20:48 IST

Sami Zayn was the WWE Intercontinental Champion heading into WrestleMania 36 season, before he went on hiatus for a number of months. This forced WWE to take the title away from him and announce a tournament to crown a new holder.


It was reported by many outlets that Zayn was refusing to return to WWE after undergoing a dental procedure. However, as part of this week's Talking Smack, AJ Styles was building up their match at Clash of Champions when he revealed the real reason behind his absence:

"He hasn’t been doing anything. From what I hear, he’s a brand new father. When your wife starts getting big, so do you. You eat right with her because you don’t want to make her feel bad so you just gobble it up right beside her, whatever she wants to eat, we’ll eat together. Listen, Sami has probably been rubbing her feet because when you’re pregnant…he hasn’t been doing nothing but rubbing feet and eating!” (via WrestlingNews)

Sami Zayn at Clash of Champions


Sami Zayn will be looking to win the Intercontinental Championship ladder match at Clash of Champions tonight, since he has stated that he is the real champion over the past few weeks.

Zayn battles Styles and Jeff Hardy in a Triple Threat match, with both Hardy and Zayn's championships hanging over the ring.

Published 27 Sep 2020, 20:48 IST