Austin Theory is the new United States Champion

Austin Theory says he was mind-blown after winning the United States Championship at WWE Survivor Series

Austin Theory has weighed in on what it felt like to become the new United States Champion.

He took on Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley at WWE Survivor Series in a triple threat match for the coveted title, which he won after The All Mighty hit The Visionary with a spear in the ring. The 25-year-old star is now a two-time United States Champion and is also the youngest person in history to hold the title.


Speaking to BT Sport, Austin Theory shared that it blows his mind that he's now a two-time US Champion. He hopes to get moved up the ladder as he defeated two major stars in Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley.

“It was a lot of emotions, I’d say, being out there, all the fans in Boston, Massachusetts, going crazy and being in the ring with Seth 'Freakin' Rollins, being in there with Bobby Lashley, two names that are so well-known in the WWE and me, on the come-up of going to be one of those top guys. This right here just puts that next stamp on that for me and moves me up that ladder. It just kind of blows my mind that I’m a two-time United States Champion. It’s awesome," said Theory. (H/T WrestleZone)

You can watch the video below:


Austin Theory sent a warning to the WWE locker room after winning the United States Championship

Following his victory at WWE Survivor Series, Theory sent a message to the rest of the roster for anyone who thinks they have what it takes to dethrone him for the title.

In a backstage interview with Cathy Kelly, Austin Theory stated that whoever steps up is going to get put down, and he's not playing around anymore.

"The now is right now and it is very clear. I've said it for the past few weeks and it is a reality. So anybody that wants to step up is getting sent home. I don't play games no more. There are no smiles, but there is action. I can do this all day and anybody that wants to go around, I'll put them down, A-Town Down."
The now... is right now.

The NEW United States Champion sends a message to the WWE Universe.

#SurvivorSeries @_Theory1

Austin Theory left many WWE fans taken aback when he dethroned Seth Rollins at Survivor Series. It'll be interesting to see how long his reign will last this time and who his opponents will be.

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