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Why Vince McMahon doesn't want to push Chad Gable as a "top guy" in WWE

  • Vince McMahon may not want to push this SmackDown star as a top star in WWE.
  • Chad Gable has a number of supporters backstage in WWE including Daniel Bryan.
Modified 24 Oct 2020, 21:10 IST

Chad Gable was renamed Shorty G last year. The moniker was given to him by WWE CEO Vince McMahon. The belief is that Vince McMahon found Chad Gable boring as a performer and believed that the new Shorty G gimmick would help him show more personality. The move hasn't really worked and has only hurt the momentum Chad Gable built up last year during the WWE King of the Ring tournament where he ended up runner-up after losing to Baron Corbin in the final.


Gable faced Lars Sullivan last night on WWE SmackDown and got destroyed by 'The Freak' in short order. After the match, Chad Gable said that he was ditching the Shorty G persona because it wasn't going very well for him. He added that one of the reasons behind him dropping the persona was the fact that he didn't feature in the WWE Draft. He added that he decided to take on matters himself by challenging Lars Sullivan to a match. Obviously things did not go as planned and Gable got destroyed by Lars Sullivan.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Chad Gable in the ring after the match and he said that he was done being Shorty G. Later, we saw Shorty G back in the trainers room where he was met by Adam Pearce. Gable said that he was tired of being Shorty G and said that this persona had brought him no success. He added that he was done with the Shorty G moniker.

Backstage update on why Vince McMahon may not want to push Chad Gable as a "top guy"

WrestlingNewsCo has a report out on the Shorty G gimmick being dropped. They said that there was talk backstage in WWE as far back as July about dropping the Shorty G gimmick but it ended up getting delayed.

A source told WrestlingNewsCo:

Vince sees talent in him and he meant well with the Shorty gimmick but Vince might not want to push him all the way as a top guy because of his size. The agents and the writers want more for Chad but Vince can change his mind tomorrow and I think we all know that. Chad knows that.

The report also said that Chad Gable may have had some say in the matter. It was also reported that a Chad Gable has a number of supporters backstage and Daniel Bryan is said to be the biggest of his supported and has been urging WWE to push the former tag team champion.

Published 24 Oct 2020, 21:10 IST
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