Bayley reveals what advice AJ Lee gave her early in her WWE career

  • A former champion gave Bayley some important advice during her first month in WWE,
  • Bayley was a part of the SmackDown Women's team at Survivor Series.
Modified 28 Nov 2020, 16:20 IST

Bayley was a part of the SmackDown women's team at WWE Survivor Series. The SmackDown team lost their match with Bayley being the first person eliminated from the match. Bayley was eliminated by Peyton Royce of team RAW.

Bayley reveals what advice AJ Lee gave her early in her WWE career


On a recent appearance on The New Day's Feel The Power podcast, Bayley opened up about what advice she got from former Superstar AJ Lee during the first month of her WWE career. Bayley said that AJ Lee told her to be herself and figure out her character:

In that first month too, AJ [Lee] and Dolph [Ziggler] were on one of our shows. She pulled me aside and gave me this long talk about being myself, meeting the company halfway, and somewhere in the middle you're going to find who you are and how it's going to work. So, that's when I had the whole epiphany of letting me just be me, figure out the best that I can, and wrestle. That was kind of how the transition went.
It took a long while for me to feel comfortable with being there and not trying to put on a show. Now when I look back, I just wish that I was me from the beginning, because it took a long time. I don't know. I would just say it's been a long trial and error of me just being-- just be yourself and you're going to be okay. If you're not, at least you had fun being you instead of being under pressure and feeling weird this whole time. H/T: WrestlingINC

Bayley was on commentary for Bianca Belair's match against Natalya on SmackDown last night. Bayley blamed the SmackDown women's team's loss at Survivor Series on Bianca Belair. Bayley also unsuccessfully tried to distract Belair during the match but the 'EST of WWE', inadvertently helping her beat Natalya.

As Bianca Belair celebrated following her win, Bayley teased that she might get in the ring and confront Belair but she just stayed on the apron.

You can listen The New Day's Feel The Power podcast HERE.

Published 28 Nov 2020, 16:20 IST
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