The Hurt Business almost got another victim at a restaurant.

Bobby Lashley gets into a physical altercation at a restaurant (video)

  • It all started when the man barged into MVP and Bobby Lashley got mad!
  • The video of the altercation was posted on MVP's Instagram handle.
Lennard Surrao
Modified 04 Jul 2020, 13:45 IST

It seems The Hurt Busines is running wild not just in the WWE but even outside the realms of the company. MVP posted a short clip on his Instagram handle in which he can be seen along with Bobby Lashley at Miller's Ale House.

A man clashed shoulders with MVP and asked the former US Champion whether he had a problem. Bad idea! It didn't take long for Bobby Lashley to push the man back against the wall. The situation was defused as the man realized he stood no chance in a fight against Bobby Lashley.


Of course, the altercation was staged, and yes, it was still awesome. It made Bobby Lashley look like a badass and added more legitimacy to MVP's Hurt Business project. 

You can check out the video below:

MVP and Bobby Lashley - The Hurt Business

MVP has been impressive ever since he was brought back as a regular feature on WWE TV. The former United States Champion has been great on the microphone thus far, and he has thrived in his role as Bobby Lashley's manager.

Lashley's WWE career was going nowhere as Lana's on-screen husband, and WWE wasted no time in splitting them up as soon as Paul Heyman was relinquished of his Executive Director duties.

MVP made Lashley a viable contender for Drew McIntyre's WWE Championship. While he was unsuccessful at capturing the title at WWE Backlash, it helped rebuild Bobby Lashley as a force to be reckoned with going forward.

MVP and Lashley are now known as The Hurt Business and they even recently tried to recruit Apollo Crews into their team. The reigning United States Champion refused the offer, and he was beaten this past week on RAW in a singles match against MVP.


The current plan could either see MVP or Bobby Lashley challenge Crews for the title Extreme Rules, and the feud could go on until SummerSlam.

WWE, MVP and Bobby Lashley have done an excellent job of building up the Hurt Business, and these angles outside the WWE will only improve the overall act and make them look even more ruthless.

Published 04 Jul 2020, 13:45 IST