Booker T

Booker T reveals details of his backstage fight which led to a Superstar being fired

  • Booker T gives details of the backstage incident where he got into a fight.
  • Booker T is a 5-time WCW Champion and 1-time WWE World Champion.
Shiven Sachdeva
Modified 09 Jul 2020, 22:49 IST

The 6-time World Champion Booker T was guest on Corey Graves' podcast After the Bell where he talked about multiple topics. Booker T spoke about a backstage incident he had in WWE when he got into a fight with a Superstar because of his remarks on Martin Luther King Jr.

Before telling the story, Booker T made it clear that he will not be revealing who this Superstar was. The incident took place on MLK's birthday when the Superstar commented against MLK asking why does he have a holiday named after him and what has he ever done. This comment enranged Booker T and he started 'throwing fists'.

''First-hand story in WWE, I'm not gonna say the person's name. It was Martin Luther King's birthday. I was in the locker room with this one guy and a few other guys, and that's why I always say, guys, if you see something, you say something. I can't do it by myself. I need guys to step up behind me as well, and a lot of those guys in the business that I've been in, I've been the one percent.''

Booker T revealed the exact comments the wrestler had made:

"Most of those guys have been white, but I remember that day there was something on television about Martin Luther King's birthday. He said, 'what has he ever done? Who's he? Why does he [have a holiday]?' You know me. I'm pretty confrontational. My first mode is to throw hands. I reacted, and I wanted to throw hands." (H/T: Wrestlinginc)

Booker T revealed that the Superstar was fired

Booker T further revealed that he brought the issue up in a meeting with all the other Superstars and staff of WWE. After the wrestler got called out for his disrespectful comments, he was fired by the company. The wrestler was allegedly never seen in the business again.

''We have the meeting, and at the end of the meeting they said, 'does anyone have anything to say?' And I said, 'yes, I want that person to say in front of this whole room what he said in front of me in the locker room earlier today.' He kind of backtracked, and one of my boys stepped up and said, 'no, no, no. Say exactly what you said earlier today because I was there too.' That guy happened to be a white guy. He ended up having to say what he what he said, and needless to say, that guy was fired the week later. We never saw him again ever in the business.''
Published 09 Jul 2020, 22:49 IST