Rose and Otis

Booker T reveals why being paired with Otis will be harmful to Mandy Rose's career

  • Booker T talks about Mandy Rose and what her future could be in WWE.
  • Mandy Rose is currently paired with Otis as his on-screen romantic partner.
Shiven Sachdeva
Modified 16 Jul 2020, 19:28 IST

Mr. Money in the Bank Otis has had a splendid year so far. Not only has he broken away from the tag-team division and solidified himself as a top singles competitor, but he has also become the on-screen boyfriend of Mandy Rose.

Booker T recently spoke about Mandy Rose on his podcast Hall of Fame. Booker T looked at various aspects of Mandy Rose in WWE, including comparisons to Trish Stratus, pairing with Otis, and how she can improve her game.


The 6-time World Champion Booker T praised Mandy Rose and said that she is one of the few Superstars who could reach the top position in the company.

“One person that comes to mind is Mandy Rose. Mandy Rose, seems like she’s got all the talent in the world, seems like she can put herself in that position to be one of those, the five, let’s call them the five, and literally do something.”

Booker T also talked about how being paired with Otis might prove detrimental for Mandy Rose's career in WWE. The veteran opined that this new pairing might end up slowing down Rose's progress as a wrestler.

“That may have slowed everything down, as far as her trajectory, as far as the work side, going out there, the performance side, really getting off into what does the playbook actually mean.”

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Will Mandy Rose's progress be slowed?

It is true that Mandy Rose has not really had much in-ring action ever since becoming Otis' on-screen partner. She has settled into a manager type of a role. While WWE continue to tease a major rivalry between her and Sonya Deville, it hasn't really come to fruition till now.

Even though Mandy Rose has become one of the most popular characters on SmackDown, she has not yet proven herself inside the ring.


Talking about Mandy Rose's in-ring ability, Booker T drew a comparison with Trish Stratus. He stated that while they have a similar look, Mandy Rose is not yet as Trish's level as a wrestler.

''She [Trish] did not mind stepping up her wrestling game, her performance game, and that’s what I remember about Trish, more than her beauty, and I think that’s where we gonna have to see a little bit more of Mandy Rose.”
Published 16 Jul 2020, 19:28 IST