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"I'm never going to retire" - Two-time WWE Hall of Famer told Booker T that he will never quit pro wrestling

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Booker T recently revealed that Ric Flair had once told him that he would never retire from the pro wrestling business. Flair was released by WWE earlier this week, with the pro wrestling icon claiming that he and the company didn't see eye-to-eye on some business opportunities.

Booker T, on his Hall of Fame podcast, predicted what The Nature Boy could be doing next following his release. The WWE legend recalled something Flair told him, which hints at him having another run, possibly in AEW.

"My thing is this, Ric Flair is not the managerial type of guy, that's just not his role, as well as Ric Flair is not one of your guys that want to be in the office, coming to work every day, wearing a suit and going the office. Ric Flair is a party guy, that's his nature. My thing is this, I talked to Ric Flair - usually on a regular case, Ric Flair told me, 'Book, I'm never going to retire.' He said if I could be in that ring right now, that's where I'd be. So I think Ric Flair may be looking for one last run," said Booker T about Ric Flair.

Booker T believes that Flair could somehow find himself back in the wrestling ring. He also predicted a feud between the latter and Sting for one last time.

Ric Flair on why he asked for his WWE release


In an interview following his release, Ric Flair stated that his split with WWE was on amicable terms and he asked for his release only because of a few business opportunities that he wanted to be involved in.

"We just didn't see eye to eye on some business opportunities that I wanted to pursue, so I asked for my release. There has been no animosity and everything has been on friendly terms. It happens sometimes in business; you just don't see eye to eye," said Ric Flair.

Flair will be involved in his network, working on his comic books, and also being involved in his own collection of wines.

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