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"Love him to death" - Bron Breakker on his relationship with his uncle Scott Steiner

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Bron Breakker comes from a family of pro wrestlers, with his father and uncle being WWE Hall of Famers Rick and Scott Steiner. While talking about his uncle, Bron said that he "loves him to death."

Scott Steiner's backstage and onscreen antics during a career that spanned over four decades are legendary. From bringing a live tiger on a WCW taping to going off script in most of his promos, Scott may be better known for his gimmick and antics than his in-ring ability.


Bron Breakker certainly seems to think that his uncle Scott is fun. The current NXT Champion recently appeared on the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin and discussed his relationship with Big Poppa Pump. When the interviewer shared an anecdote of how surprisingly kind Scott is, Breakker had this to say:

"I love uncle Scottie, man, he's great. He is so much fun to be around and hang out with. He's great, man, I love him to death." (19:24 to 19:34)

Bron Breakker claims that Rick Steiner was a strict dad when he was growing up


Bron Breakker has spent most of his life around the wrestling business. Being the son of one of the greatest legends in tag team wrestling history, he's had several interesting stories to share about his father.

Rick and Scott Steiner were both known as "tough guys" during their heyday, so it's no surprise that those reputations followed them home. Speaking with Ryan Satin, Bron talked about his relationship with his father when he was growing up and whether the former World Tag Team Champion was a strict dad:

"Yeah! Very strict. Just with everything we were doing, he was really really hard on me and my brothers. In school, in athletics, just raising us. He towed a line, like, everyday" said Bron. (19:39 to 19:59)

@bronbreakkerwwe steps #OutOfCharacter to chat about Rick Steiner the dad, his first match being a surprise from uncle Scott, WarGames and coming up with the name change himself.



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