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"Pretty much my whole life" - Bron Breakker on his Hall of Fame father and upbringing in the wrestling business

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Reigning NXT Champion Bron Breakker has revealed that he has spent his entire life around the wrestling business.

Breakker is, of course, a 2nd generation wrestler and the son of the legendary Rick Steiner. After a brief stint in the NFL, Bron began his wrestling career in October 2020 and was signed to WWE the next year.


The 24-year-old recently appeared on the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin, where he talked about how since childhood, he has been around this business because of his father, WWE Hall of Famer Rick Steiner:

"Yeah, I was around it pretty much my whole life. I mean, my dad retired from the full time schedule in WCW when they got bought out. He kinda took time away for a bit and transitioned to a different life. (12:18 to 12:38)

The 24-year old then went on to talk about his father's life outside the wrestling business after WCW was bought and absorbed by WWE in 2001:

"He's on the school board of education for the county we grew up in and was a real-estate agent. He's got a lot of things going on and transitioned well away from the business," said Bron Breakker (12:40 to 12:53)

Rick Steiner currently serves as a board member for the Cherokee County School District in Cherokee County, Georgia. He also works for a real estate firm in the Metro Atlanta area.

Bron Breakker discusses his father's return to wrestling after the demise of WCW

By the time WCW was bought out, The Steiner Brothers had already been broken up for years. Rick would go on to wrestle in New Japan Pro Wrestling, TNA, and the independents in the following years.

Speaking with Ryan Satin, Bron Breakker discussed his father's full-time in-ring return on TV with TNA and how he got to be a part of that as a 10-year-old:

"He went back for a short run in '06-'07 (to TNA). I got to be a part of a lot of that. My uncle Scott (Steiner), I think he's still going. He's been going non-stop. I don't think he has ever really stopped. I obviously got to be a part of his career, be around him. So I've been around my whole life." said Bron Breakker (12:54 to 13:19)

@bronbreakkerwwe steps #OutOfCharacter to chat about Rick Steiner the dad, his first match being a surprise from uncle Scott, WarGames and coming up with the name change himself.



Rick was released by Total Non-stop Action in 2008 and has been wrestling sporadically on the independent circuit since then. He wrestled in his last match in September 2019 in Japan for Tokyo Championship Wrestling.

Bron's uncle Scott Steiner, on the other hand, was signed by WWE in 2003 and released the following year. He has since wrestled for TNA (now Impact Wrestling). He competed in his last match (as of now) in March of this year against Jerry "The King" Lawler on the indies.

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