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Carmella has been on a hiatus since March 2023.

Carmella shares an unfortunate update on Instagram

WWE Superstar Carmella has shared an update on her injury on social media following the birth of her son.

The 36-year-old WWE Superstar got hitched to Corey Graves last year. The duo had a son on November 8, 2023. Shortly after, she revealed that she suffered nerve damage on her foot following the birth of her child.


Carmella recently shared a video on her Instagram handle, highlighting her road to recovery after her pregnancy. A fan asked if the damage on her foot was healed, and here's what she said in response:

"@thergios unfortunately not.. doing acupuncture and chiropractic care to help. Crossing my fingers it gets better soon," Carmella replied to a fan.

You can check out a screengrab of Carmella's response below:

Carmella's response to a fan.

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What did Carmella say about her foot injury?

Carmella shared a lengthy Instagram story in which she opened up about the nerve damage that she suffered on her foot after the birth of her child. She did add that her injury would heal in a few weeks.

"So, it's making it difficult to walk, which is a bit annoying. But, the anesthesiologist, because I thought it was originally from the epidural, I didn't know what was wrong. But he said it can happen with pushing on your back and it should hopefully resolve in a few weeks. I'm going to see a chiropractor next week which will hopefully help. My acupuncturist has been working on it, so we'll see. Fingers crossed it's better soon," Carmella said.

Carmella's last match on WWE TV was in March 2023. She took on Bianca Belair on the March 6, 2023, episode of RAW and suffered a pinfall loss. She later went on a hiatus due to her pregnancy.

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