Chelsea Green and WWE parted ways on relatively good terms

"Never say never" - Chelsea Green is open to a future WWE return

Nithin Joseph

WWE recently released Chelsea Green due to more budget cuts. Her release, and that of many others, came as a shock to the WWE Universe and the pro-wrestling industry.

Despite leaving WWE, Chelsea Green has not ruled out returning to the company in the future. She revealed that her departure wasn't controversial and said you could never say never to any opportunity that might come your way.


The Hot Mess recently spoke to Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful Select, where she discussed her departure from WWE and whether she would ever consider returning.

Green stated that she is looking forward to working outside WWE but also has a good enough relationship with the company if the opportunity to return arises.

"Yeah totally! I mean, never say never for anything for any opportunity you know, and I didn't go out guns ablazing with WWE. I have a relationship with all those people that the bridge is not burnt. I think I have a good relationship with all those people. I'm really excited to not focus on WWE and to focus on the other companies that I know I can be a star at, but never say never for anything in the future."

Chelsea Green is currently serving out her non-compete clause, which prevents her from competing with any other promotion until July 14. Following this, fans can expect to see Green gear up and take to the ring for a new company.


Chelsea Green's WWE career

Chelsea Green had two previous stints with WWE, with her first being between 2014 and 2015. Her first persona was Daniel Bryan's physical therapist during a feud between Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon in 2014. The second was as a contestant on Tough Enough's sixth season.

Her most successful run with WWE was when she returned to WWE after three years, joining NXT in 2018. Green had a semi-successful run in NXT, having a unique alliance with Robert Stone.

She even made an appearance in the 2019 Women's Royal Rumble match. However, her crowning moment in WWE was her match against Charlotte Flair on RAW, which received a lot of praise.

Following this, Green debuted on SmackDown, but suffered an injury in her first match. A few months later, her name was on the list of stars that were shockingly let go by WWE earlier this week.

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