Punk, AJ, and Bryan

CM Punk shares his thoughts on AJ Lee-Daniel Bryan wedding segment

  • CM Punk talked about the memorable segment from an episode of RAW in 2012.
  • Lee had left Bryan at the altar during the wedding, and made a huge announcement.
Abhilash Mendhe
Modified 03 Jun 2020, 10:02 IST

On tonight's edition of WWE Backstage, CM Punk made an appearance and opened up on several topics in regards to WWE's current storylines. Punk and the rest of the panel were joined by none other than SmackDown Superstar Daniel Bryan. Punk and Bryan aren't exactly strangers and have a lot of history together.

The panel talked about the on-screen wedding of Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee, back in 2012, during an episode of WWE RAW. Punk discussed the segment and said that the trio had a lot of fun working together. He further talked about how Lee had to wear a wedding dress for the segment, which was something very different from what she was used to wearing generally. He went on to take a picture of Lee in the dress backstage. Bryan acknowledged that Kane was also involved in the angle at one point, and said that he thought it was great.


CM Punk, AJ Lee, and Bryan were involved in a months-long angle in 2012

The angle in question saw Punk, Bryan, and AJ get involved in a love-triangle scenario, culminating in a wedding on the RAW 1000 edition. Lee backed out at the last moment though, and left Bryan at the altar, revealing that Vince McMahon had offered her a job as the RAW General Manager. Lee went on to target both Bryan and Punk during her run as GM and forced them to compete in matches against their wishes.

Published 03 Jun 2020, 10:02 IST