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"Cody beat the p*** out of this guy" - Rhodes' WWE match with a Superstar actually turned into a real fight

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As we had reported earlier, Cody Rhodes' manager Arn Anderson didn't have any positive things to share about the original Sin Cara during a recent episode of ARN on AdFreeShows.

Anderson explained that Mistico, who originally donned the Sin Cara mask, had a bad attitude and showed him nothing impressive. Anderson also revealed a story of Sin Cara's match against Cody Rhodes.


Anderson stated that the match happened during one of WWE's South Africa tours, and he had unfortunately gotten sick. The former WWE producer ended up mistaking Ostrich meat for beef, and it got him ill to the point that he couldn't watch Sin Cara's match against Cody.

"We were over in South Africa. Last day of the tour, and this guy had heat with everybody. Selling was terrible; everything was terrible. It was an afternoon show. The last day of the tour. I think we were in Cape Town, and for lunch that day, catering, before we left to come to the building, I saw some beef in a bowl and scooped it up. Had a pretty good portion. I was hungry, so I was eating fast and all of a sudden I went, 'This got a wang to it.' I called the guy over, and I go, 'Sir, is this beef cooked all the way?' He said, 'That's not beef; that's Ostrich.'"

Sin Cara was known to be a Superstar who made it difficult for other wrestlers during matches. Anderson recalled that Cody Rhodes was still new to the business and not advanced enough to deal with a worker like Cara. Anderson claimed that the original Sin Cara had heat with many people backstage and that the Luchador just wanted to come in and do the high spots.

"Well, unless it was just me, being a southern boy who eats chicken and beef and pork chops, I got sick as a dog. And you're talking about food poisoning; I mean sick! And I'll get to the point really quickly here. It's not about me being sick; it's about the fact that this guy was booked with Cody. Cody was one of the young guys that was trying to make his way into the business, and this d*****t made it difficult, and this is in previous matches, every way he possibly could. Cody wasn't very advanced enough, I thought, to be able to deal with this guy who is not selling his stuff. Just wanted to pop up and run high spots and all the bu******."

Go out there and show him what we do: Arn Anderson on what he told Cody Rhodes before the WWE match


Before the match, Anderson revealed that he urged Cody Rhodes to show Sin Cara how they did things. Arn couldn't watch the match due to his sickness, but he did receive reports about how the contest unfolded.

The former AEW TNT Champion apparently beat up Sin Cara, and the match turned into a legit shoot. Anderson said that all the hot spots of the match had gone, and Cody and Cara ended up having a 'good scuffle.'

"Well, now I can't even go to the curtains to watch the matches. I'm laying on a trainer's table with those hot pads on me, shaking, shivering, puking in a trash can, running back and forth to the toilet. I mean, Ostrich sick! I got a real nice pair of Ostrich boots. Never occurred me to eat 'em. I mean the sh***. So, I'm getting reports from the extra referee, and he went; I told Cody, I said, 'Go kid, it's the last day of the tour. Go out there and show him what we do.' And I'm getting reports, and Cody beat the pi** out of this guy and made him fight him. And all the hot spots went away, and it turned into a real good scuffle."

Anderson added that the match against Cody was probably the best Sin Cara had in his WWE career.

"And I guess it was the best match that guy had to that point and one of the best matches Cody had, but it was about a half-a*** shoot. I missed every bit of it as we had to go to the airport, get on a plane and fly thirteen hours to Atlanta, sick as a dog. But again, the only good match this guy because he was gone after that. Pretty quickly. So only decent match he ever must have had with our company, and I don't remember seeing it because I didn't see it."

The original Sin Cara left WWE in 2014, and the mask was handed over to Hunico.

Please credit ARN and give a H/T to SK Wrestling for the transcription if you use quotes from this article.

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