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WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world.

Current champion opens up on her struggles to get to WWE; feels people don’t appreciate the effort they’ve had to put in

Being a WWE Superstar is a very tough job, but often, the struggle to get to the top company can be more challenging. It might require years of hard work to get the recognition they deserve. One current champion has opened up about her struggles to get the credit.

Chelsea Green has been on a tear since her return to the company. Her antics and character have made her a popular heel, leading to her winning the Women’s Tag Team Championship with Sonya Deville. While it hasn’t been the smoothest run, with Deville picking up a long-term injury, Green has made the most of her run and even got a new partner in Piper Niven.


In an interview with "Bleav In Pro Wrestling," the 32-year-old opened up on why the WWE fans might not appreciate her journey to get to where she is.

You can read her entire comments below –

"When you come to WWE, the WWE Universe doesn't always know the struggle it took to get there. They see you debut at the Royal Rumble, they see you set a record, they see you win the championship two times – but what they don't see is the 10 years I put in prior to this,” Said Green.

She went on to explain why she deserves all the success she’s getting.

“What they don't see is the blood, sweat, and tears, or the times I've taken these insane bumps or I've had these crazy matches. I've literally done everything you can do as a female wrestler up until you get to WWE. For me, people may think it's annoying that I ask for everything -– but guess what? That's why I'm here," Concluded Chelsea. (H/T Wrestling Inc)

Chelsea Green demands a star to be banned from WWE

The two-time tag team champion injured her elbow in a match with Nia Jax on RAW. The recently returned former women’s champion is not a popular figure among the fans, and it seems like the feeling might be the same in the locker room.

Green took to Twitter to inform everyone that the irresistible force was unsafe and demanded that she be banned from the show.

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It will be interesting to see if the Creative team uses this tension between the two as a storyline on television.

Are you impressed with Chelsea's work since her return? Let us know in the comments below.

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