Daniel Bryan opened up about his depression recently

Daniel Bryan addresses his depression in an honest video

  • Daniel Bryan confesses, "I still struggle with depression"
  • He also talked about the things that helped him during his difficult times.
Shruti Sadbhav
Modified 07 Jun 2020, 04:39 IST

In a recent episode of Total Bella, we saw Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan dealing with the latter's depression. In the process, they met with a Shaman that helped the former WWE Champion in his battle against depression.

After watching the episode, a lot of fans asked Brie if they should visit a Shaman too and what can they do to battle against their depression. As a result, she asked Daniel Bryan to make a video for the viewers wherein he discussed the things that helped him in his fight against depression.


Firstly, Daniel Bryan recommended two books that help the readers in their fight against depression and both these books have a completely different approach.

Talking about the topic in detail, Daniel Bryan was quoted saying,

So, a bunch of people told me that a bunch of people have reached out after watching that episode of Total Bellas where we dealt a lot of my depression issues. So she asked me to describe to you in under two minutes, 'who to deal with your depression?' or at least things that I have experienced and things that have helped. One, I have two books here that I think would be really helpful if you have depression or if you love somebody who has depression. I think they are both really good and both of them came out last year. The first is from Johann Hari called 'Lost Connections'. He himself has been depressed and has been on anti-depressants and that kind of stuff. He has essentially talked about missing connections in your life that can make you feel depressed. Because it helps identify some of the feelings that you experience.
The second one is called 'The End of Mental Illness' by Daniel Amen. It discusses more of the physical causes of mental illness like depression, anxiety all those kind of things. These are two different ways to approach this. Approaching it from both sides, from the physical side like the actual doctor structural side and the from the emotional side and the support side as well. So, I encourage you to read those two books if you have depression or if you love somebody who has depression because I think both these books are very good.

Daniel Bryan then went on to address the specific episode and his visit to the Shaman. He realized that a lot of people were talking about his preference over a therapist, to which Daniel Bryan responded by saying that they should seek the kind of help that they prefer.

Reavealing the reason behind not visiting a therapist, Daniel Bryan said that he has a natural guard against them. As a result, he can't get comfortable with a therapist.

About the episode of specifically and us seeing a Shaman, Brie said that there are a bunch of people asking her if they should go see a Shaman too. I think that you should go see somebody who you connect with to talk to about depression who understands. Why the Shaman specifically works for me is because I have a natural hard up against therapists. I have never gone to a therapist where I felt in tune with the therapist. And when I went to the Shaman, it was weird because we had all these cameras around, but midway through before we went into the sweat lodge, I wasn't even thinking about the cameras. And that struck me very differently than any therapist that I have ever gone too.

In the end, Daniel Bryan confessed that he still struggles with depression but the important thing is to keep trying.

But some people relate well to therapists. So, it's important to find emotive healing that works for you, and that doesn't mean that you will be magically healed. I still struggle with depression, and you may still struggle with depression. But you have to keep trying not only for yourself but also for the people you love. So, that's my thoughts.

What's next for Daniel Bryan?


Daniel Bryan defeated Sheamus to reach the final of the tournament that will determine the next Intercontinental Champion. He will face AJ Styles in the title that Sami Zayn was forced to relinquish because he refused to be a part of SmackDown tapings as a safety measure against the Covid-19 pandemic.

AJ Styles arrived on SmackDown to compete for the IC title as a part of the brand invitation extended to RAW, however, WWE later confirmed his full-time move to the Blue Brand. This allowed WWE to book a dream match between the Phenomenal One and Daniel Bryan who are bound to bring a justified end to the highly entertaining tournament.

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