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Darren Young was the first openly gay WWE Superstar

Darren Young reveals why he came out as gay while still with WWE

NJPW's Fred Rosser (fka Darren Young in WWE) recently revealed why he came out as gay while still signed with the company.

Young came out as gay during an interview with TMZ in 2013, becoming the first openly-homosexual WWE Superstar. His coming out paved a way for several in the industry to open themselves up as well.


Rosser saw a lot of success during his time with the Stamford-based promotion. From debuting as part of The Nexus, to forming a popular tag team with Titus O'Niel in Prime Time Players. The former Tag Team Champion was released in 2017. He has since traveled the world and can currently be seen working for NJPW and NWA.

One top Superstar that deserves another chance in WWE is Fred Rosser aka: Darren Young.

I believe Darren Young could go to that next level in the Triple H Era of WWE.

On a recent episode of the Insider's Edge podcast, Rosser discussed why him coming out while still being with the biggest wrestling promotion in the world was important to him:

"There are many reasons why I wanted to come out publicly... With WWE I had reached the top of the mountain. So I pretty much sacrificed my career to inspire others to be and accept themselves." he said [h/t Wrestling Inc]

He further stated that he also needed to do it for himself:

"One of them was having the opportunity to be able to bring my partner backstage into the world of professional wrestling... To be able to walk with him on the red carpet and be happy and be confident." [h/t Wrestling Inc]

Rosser claimed that he was accepted by his peers when he first came out. Now, the wrestling industry seems much more open and accepting since actions back in 2013.

A history of homosexual wrestlers and personalities in WWE


The history of homosexual wrestlers and personalities in WWE goes further back than many expect. The first Intercontinental Champion and a massive backstage contributor to the company's success, Pat Patterson first came out as gay in the 1970s. His sexuality was made public knowledge in 2010s.

The inaugural Intercontinental Champion, Pat Patterson - has passed away at 79. Pat is a trailblazer in professional wrestling, and his openness about being gay should be a motivator for everyone that no matter who you are, YOU have a place and purpose! Canadian boy!


Former WCW Tag Team Champion Kanyon came out after his WWE release and opened up about being a closeted gay man in the wrestling industry.

Since Darren Young's revelation, a few more Superstars have come out as gay. Most notably of these names is Sonya Deville, who has become the comapny's unofficial LGBTQIA+ representative. Former NXT stars Jake Atlas and Mercedes Martinez have also come out as homosexual.

The list is even greater when we open up to other sexualities on the spectrum, but we will be here to say. Suffice it to say, despite homosexual wrestlers having been around for decades, Fred Rosser coming out opened the gates for several current wrestlers to do the same.

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