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Whenever Dominik Mysterio has the mike, WWE fans can be heard booing

Dominik Mysterio shares his true feelings about the hate he receives from the WWE universe 

Dominik Mysterio is doing his job as a heel perfectly. The NXT North American Champion is hated in every arena he goes to. He can barely get a word in as he gets drowned in boos from all the fans in attendance.

The 26-year-old had turned heel by attacking his father, Rey Mysterio. The two went on to have a long-running feud that concluded with a singles match at Wrestlemania 39. As a member of The Judgment Day, Dirty Dom has gone from strength to strength.


He recently appeared in a video with "In the Kliq," where he was asked if he was affected by all the hate he was getting from wrestling fans. He is clearly not bothered by it too much and enjoys that he can rile the crowd up. You can read his comments and watch the entire clip below:

“Believe it or not, it doesn’t really get to me you know because I don’t care about their opinion right..like they can boo me all they want but I’m the man..like..you know.. and I understand that and I have Rhea telling me, I have Finn and Damian backing me up..like it doesn’t really affect me,” Said Dominik (6:19-6:39)


Dominik Mysterio details his tough WWE schedule

The Judgment Day has marked their presence on all three brands of the company. They’re a constant in the main event scene of RAW and Smackdown, while the 26-year-old is also a champion on NXT. This has meant that Dominik has had to manage a very tough schedule.


He detailed his work days, which surely describes his work ethic:

“My days off are Wednesday and that’s about it because we have..well sometime we will get lucky and can fly out on Friday but we have Friday Smackdown, we have live events on Saturday and Sunday and we have TV on Monday and then I do NXT on Tuesdays,” said Dominik on being asked about his schedule(4:02-4:20)

It certainly puts into light how difficult being a WWE Superstar is as they’re putting their bodies on the line multiple times a week. They continued their run of success as they came out on top in title matches on RAW. It’ll be interesting to see how long the group can sustain this momentum they’ve built.

Do you think Dominik is the best heel in the company? How long do you think Judgment Day will dominate? Let us know in the comments below.

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