Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre offers advice to recently released WWE Superstars

  • McIntyre was, himself, fired before returning to the company and becoming WWE Champion.
  • He offers his advice to the recent group of WWE talent releases.
Daniel Wood
Modified 02 Jun 2020, 13:14 IST

Earlier this year WWE released a large number of onscreen talent including the likes of Revival, Gallows and Anderson, Zack Ryder, Heath Slater and Curt Hawkins to name just a few. You can find the full list of Superstar releases here.

Some of those Superstars have already found new homes with Deonna Purrazzo turning up at Impact and The Revival renaming themselves FTR and making their debuts for AEW. But for the rest of the released stars the future remains uncertain.


One man who knows exactly how many of those Superstars will be feeling now is the current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, who was fired many years ago and worked really hard to earn his way back to WWE and, as mentioned, is now the champion.

I recently got given the opportunity to chat with Drew McIntyre and I asked him whether he had any advice for the recent group of Superstar releases given that he was in their shoes and is now the face of the company, this is his response.

"I mean, I've been speaking to a few of them. And anyone I've not spoken to that hears this, feel free to reach out to me, please. But this is the opportunity to really reinvent yourself. And if you had a vision of yourself that you weren't able to bring to the table in WWE, obviously the WWE machine's constantly moving, it's very difficult to reinvent yourself within the system. And I couldn't be who I am today without my time away, I wouldn't have learned what I've learned without my time away."
"So I say just have a look at yourself, be honest, like 'who am I, what do I want to show the world' and put that plan together right now you during this time because the world is going to open up. And the independent scene is the healthiest it's been in, Id' say ever to be honest. Just the level of talent around the world, incredible companies around the world. And if you have something to bring to the table and you are truly good at your job, you truly love this job, you're going to have the best time, you're gonna make money you're gonna make a lot of fans."

He goes on to add,

"Eventually if you choose to, you're probably back in WWE. So if you believe in yourself the way I believed in myself, go out, have that fun, learn those lessons, get better wherever your weak areas are. One day you could be sitting there with the WWE championship."

So there you go. Hopefully some of the releases will go on to do great things elsewhere like Drew McIntyre did and if they want to return to WWE down the line better than before then brilliant!

Who would you like to see do a 'Drew McIntyre' and return to WWE in the future and become champion? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

Published 30 May 2020, 03:24 IST