This could be an interesting feud

Drew McIntyre on a potential feud with former 3MB partner Jinder Mahal

  • They've both had similar WWE journeys up until this point!
  • Drew McIntyre thinks they 'have so much material' for a feud.
Daniel Wood
Modified 30 May 2020, 06:00 IST

Jinder Mahal has recently returned to Monday Night RAW after recovering from knee surgery and cut a promo backstage about embarking on a 'heroes journey' back to the top, but very interestingly he also name-dropped Drew McIntyre.


Drew McIntyre on a potential Jinder Mahal feud

Since then there's been online speculation that we might be getting a program between the two former teammates. But is this something that current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre wants? Well, during a recent interview the Scottish champion addressed a potential feud with Mahal.

McIntyre mentions that he thinks there should be a feud between himself and Mahal because there's so much history between the two of them, including things we've never seen onscreen.

"Both getting fired and then me trying to get out there in the independents and make my name and he went off and really, kind of, gave up, stopped working out and then turned his life around get back to WWE. He became WWE champion before me, wasn't exactly as universally praised as when I finally won the WWE championship. So there's so many possible layers to the story that the world have seen on television and have not seen that could really make for one of the most memorable feuds of all time. We have so much material"

As you can see, Drew McIntyre thinks there's a lot of ground that could be covered in a feud with Mahal and he's absolutely right. They were both fired by WWE and both found their way back into the company and both became world champions afterwards.

McIntyre is currently embroiled in a feud with Bobby Lashley and both men are set to battle it out for the WWE Championship at Backlash. Jinder Mahal has been missing from WWE TV for a few weeks now and it will be interesting to see which story he will be involved in once her returns.

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Published 30 May 2020, 06:00 IST