Drew McIntyre wants another shot at The Deadman

EXCLUSIVE: Drew McIntyre reveals why he hopes The Undertaker isn't fully retired

Rick Ucchino

This Sunday at Survivor Series, WWE is celebrating 30 years of The Deadman. As a follow up to his retirement announcement this year on 'The Last Ride' documentary, The Undertaker will grace the ThunderDome for the first time to bid his farewell to the WWE Universe at the very PPV where he made his debut.


The Undertaker has flirted with retirement before in the past, but this time it appears to be the real deal. That said, The Phenom has gone on the record saying it may only take a phone call from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to pull him back for one more match. That itself is enough to keep hope alive for one man who's dying for another shot at The Undertaker. That man is WWE Champion Drew McIntyre.

The WWE Champion wants his one on one match with The Undertaker

Speaking to Sportskeeda ahead of Survivor Series, where he will take on Universal Champion Roman Reigns, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre spoke very highly of The Deadman.

"He's the man. He deserves every celebration, every parade. Every special thing you can possibly give him and create for him, he certainly deserves."

McIntyre talked about when he first showed up in WWE, that Vince McMahon put The Undertaker in charge of him. McMahon wanted The Phenom to help groom one of the superstars of the future in McIntyre and the goal was to build to a big one-on-one between the two. That never came to fruition.

The Undertaker would defeat McIntyre in a relatively quick match right before he retired Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania XXVI, but the two never had that big marquee match that was envisioned for them.

It's well documented that McIntyre was released from WWE a few years after that. When he returned to the company and finally crossed paths with The Undertaker at Extreme Rules 2019 in a tag match with Roman Reigns and Shane McMahon, McIntyre was out to prove something.

"I wanted to show him how far I'd come since that kid that used to harass him for advice all the time, that wasn't quite figuring it out," McIntyre told Sportskeeda. "We went face to face in that first match, when I was a kid, and it looked like a boy standing in front of a man. Like it looked ridiculous, it didn't look believable. But when I went face to face with him in that tag match, where that was a full grown man that finally showed back up to go face to face with The Undertaker, the crowd recognized it and they started rumbling. And I thought, man, we've got to have this match."

Unfortunately for Drew McIntyre, once again, that match never happened. However, he's not given up on it happening one day. Even with The Undertaker's "official" retirement from WWE.

"Selfishly, as much as he deserves this farewell, I'm hoping... that there is still something in there, at least for one more match. Be it cinematic or whatever, or he just feels it and he feels physically good and says 'I want to fight Drew', and he calls me... or like he said in The Last Ride Documentary, if Vince calls, you know he'll be a good soldier and come running. I'll harass Vince every day, like call him, call him, call him, call him. Selfishly I want that match, but he deserves to do whatever he wants after his career." 

McIntyre says he'll keep hope alive for that match happening in the mean time, and might even harass The Deadman a bit about it backstage this Sunday at Survivor Series.

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