It could be a quite a while before we see Ember Moon back in a WWE ring

Ember Moon says she's fighting against another surgery

  • Ember Moon's difficult road to recovery is far from over!
  • Complications have popped up and Ember Moon could have to go under the knife again.
Rick Ucchino
Modified 02 Jul 2020, 22:29 IST

Ember Moon has not wrestled an official match for WWE since losing to Lacey Evans on the September 23rd episode on Monday Night RAW. It was right around that time that Moon tore her Achilles tendon while chasing after the 24/7 Championship - or so we thought.

In an interview with Comic Book, Ember Moon says she may have actually suffered the injury weeks before. She just didn't realize it and made it much worse during the 24/7 Championship chase.

"So I actually ruptured my Achilles in two places, and the surgeon thinks that I may have been wrestling on it for probably about two months already torn to some extent, and I just didn't feel the pain because I have kind of a high pain tolerance."

As of right now, there is no return date for Ember Moon. She told Comic Book that her original target date is just not obtainable due to the severity of the injury.

Ember Moon might need a second surgery

It was just last month on WWE Backstage that Ember Moon revealed that her injury could be one that ends her wrestling career. She says some of the industry's biggest stars have been reaching out to her with advice and recovery tips - including Triple H, Booker T, and Mark Henry.

Unfortunately for Ember Moon, the rehab process has proven to be incredibly difficult and she's had complications arise when it comes to building back up her strength.

I'm sitting here and I'm fighting a second surgery. I'm fighting against the second surgery. That's how bad it is," she said. When I went on Backstage and I said, 'I don't know if I'm ever going to wrestle again,' I meant what I said and I, I stand by that." h\t Fightful

Ember Moon did close out her interview with Comic Book on an optimistic note. She said that 2019 was not her year and believes this latest setback is another bump on her road to greatness.

We here at Sportskeeda wish Ember Moon all the best in her recovery and hope to see her back in the ring as soon as possible.

Published 02 Jul 2020, 22:29 IST