Erick Rowan vs The Rock

Erick Redbeard FKA Erick Rowan's initial reaction when he was told to lose to The Rock in 6 seconds

  • Erick Rowan holds the record for the fastest loss at WrestleMania.
  • Erick Redbeard FKA Erick Rowan lost to The Rock in 6 seconds.
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Modified 14 Aug 2020, 14:25 IST

Erick Redbeard FKA Erick Rowan was last seen on WWE TV when he faced Drew McIntyre on an episode of WWE RAW. Erick Rowan was later released from the WWE roster in April during the company's COVID-19 budget cuts. One of Erick Rowan's highlights of his career was when he faced The Rock in an impromptu match at WrestleMania 32.


Erick Redbeard FKA Erick Rowan talks about losing to The Rock

Erick Redbeard featured on this week's episode of Sportskeeda LIVE. On the show, Erick Redbeard spoke about his time in WWE and answered man fans' questions.

Erick Redbeard, who was known as Erick Rowan in WWE, spoke about why he denied working the Wyatt Swamp Fight, the original plan for the spider in his cage and who was meant to be Roman Reigns attacker.

Also on the show, Erick Redbeard spoke about the time he had a short match against The Rock at WrestleMania 32.

"We usually used to leave on Monday or Tuesday after SmackDown taping, which is Friday now. We usually leave the taping and go to whatever town we have the signings and Access appearances. I think it was at Dallas. We were there and we went from not having a match at the event to being called and told that 'oh hey, you know, you're probably going to have a quick little thing with The Rock and it's going to turn into a match between you and him.' I was like oh sweet. And the it was going to be this and I went 'oh ok, oh well.' You go from not having anything to do on the show to having a thing with The Rock in front of . You can't be upset about that it's The Rock and it's in front of a hundred thousand people there. That itself was an experience. Even though you didn't get to do what you wanted to do, it's still an experience and I'm ever grateful for that experience."

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Published 14 Aug 2020, 14:25 IST