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The veteran chose to remain outside the group

Kevin Nash recalls how two-time WWE Hall of Famer rejected the nWo

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash noted that Booker T once refused to join the legendary WCW faction, nWo (New World Order).

Booker was a staple of WCW across their programming from 1993 to 2001. During this time, the Houston, Texas native captured multiple WCW World Titles alongside his brother Stevie Ray, and achieved five separate reigns as WCW World Champion. One thing Booker never did in WCW, however, was join the iconic nWo faction.


Kevin Nash opened up about Booker's refusal to join the group during a recent podcast appearance. On his Kliq This podcast, Nash noted that Booker's presence in the group was pitched, but that the former King of the Ring was unhappy with the thought of joining. The reason cited by Booker, Big Sexy noted, was the nWo's working schedule:

"I remember when we asked Booker T to join the NWO, he said 'F**k no, man. You guys work too much,'" he said (H/T WrestlingInc)
The only reason this podcast exists is because of Tristen Nash.

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Booker T eventually joined Kevin Nash in the nWo on WWE TV

Though Booker never joined the New World Order during his WCW run, his run in WWE was a different story.

In 2002, when Hogan, Hall, and Kevin Nash finally became available to Vince McMahon following the WCW buyout, he brought the nWo to WWE programming. This run would see a number of former WCW talents ultimately join the group, including Big Show, X-Pac, and Booker T.

There are few things I've ever found funnier than Booker T singing the nWo theme.

Another man to join the group was Shawn Michaels, who had never been a part of World Championship Wrestling. Despite this, it was The Heartbreak Kid who ended up ejecting Booker from the group after just a short time. Booker even got Sweet Chin Music for his troubles.

What did you think of Kevin Nash's comments? Should Booker T have joined the nWo? You can share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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