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Find out which WWE star turned face on RAW this week.

Former Champion turns face on WWE RAW

Becky Lynch was unable to compete due to her injuries from WWE No Mercy this past weekend, which left Tegan Nox in a tough position ahead of RAW.

Nox was approached by Chelsea Green backstage, where Adam Pearce set up a match for the two women. Natalya then approached Nox and claimed that she respected her and that she had won her over following their match.


This appeared as though it could have been a set-up, but moments later, when Tegan Nox was outnumbered against Chelsea Green and Piper Niven, Nattie made the save and ensured that the 28-year-old wasn't defeated.

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After the match, the two women embraced as Nox looked slightly confused.


Natalya has been working as a heel in recent weeks after stepping up to Becky Lynch and becoming her first challenger on RAW for the NXT Women's Championship.

Nattie's heel run continued when she belittled Tegan Nox and forced her to fight her last week on RAW for an opportunity at Lynch, which allowed the Welsh star to pick up the win.


It appears that a new alliance has now been formed between the two women, and Nattie could take Tegan under her wing on WWE RAW.

Do you think Natalya will remain face on WWE RAW? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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