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  • Former champion showcases his new look on WWE SmackDown [PHOTO]
WWE SmackDown fans saw another side of a former champion today

Former champion showcases his new look on WWE SmackDown [PHOTO]

WWE SmackDown saw multiple big qualifying matches today and also showcased a superstar who brought a new look. Baron Corbin, who has gone down to NXT, showed up in the gear he wore in the last few appearances on the developmental brand.

Baron Corbin is wrestling on multiple brands at the moment, both on the main roster on SmackDown, as well as on the NXT roster, where he has appeared and made his presence known.


Instead of his usual wrestling gear, Corbin wore shorts for his match, which took everyone by surprise, with multiple fans commenting on it.

it is INSANE that this shorts/tanktop look is the jankiest Baron Corbin has ever looked considering he wrestled at one point looking like this

While he had worn this on NXT, main-roster fans were not ready for it, with some expressing as much on Twitter.


Clearly, it's not a popular look for the star, but at this time, it's the one that he seems to have gone with. With Cameron Grimes, Butch, and Carmelo Hayes all gunning for Corbin, the star appears to have a lot more enemies than friends at this time in WWE.

After Hayes attacked him this week, it will be interesting to see what happens between the two stars on next week's upcoming episode of NXT.


What do you think of Baron Corbin's new WWE look? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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